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MOD APK 1.0.71 Mega Menu
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The main character in Isekai Fighting Girls is a cute, weak girl who finds everything difficult. But after several unbelievable events, the girl became stronger, even able to fight against countless enemies on her own and became the most powerful Iseka in the world. How did it go, what was the path from zero to hero? Experience Isekai Fighting Girls to understand more details.

About Isekai Fighting Girl

A weak girl turns into the strongest isekai of all time!

The story

Everything has a cause, even the most unreasonable. This exact sentence is appropriate to say about Isekai Fighting Girls. Even though it’s just a classic pixel style hack and slash combat role-playing game, this game equips itself with a real story.

It all started with our cute little girl while she was playing games in her room. Suddenly there was a strange, bright light shining through the house window straight into the little girl’s face. In a second, she disappeared without a trace. The room became quiet as if the main character had never appeared.

That light is a form of space-time door, helping to quickly move everything to a predetermined place. Our girl has been summoned to Isekai, where most of the game will take place. Isekai is the world of fighting games. Here all creatures, including humans or animals, can use fists and magic to protect themselves. Whoever is strongest has the right to do everything.

So clearly there is no place for weakness. It won’t last long if the girl keeps crying, wanting to go home or run away from reality. The only way for her to protect her life and wait for the day to return is to face it, fight and do everything possible to get stronger day by day. But she also has to become the strongest person here if she wants to have everything in her hands, including the right to return to her world.

So the girl’s journey to adventure, fight, progress and become the strongest Isekai begins here.

Intuitive controls in a pixel hack and slash game

The main control screen of Isekai Fighting Girls will have all the information you need while playing. Notice the red blood column above the main character and the number of hearts symbolizing the number of lives available at the present time. On the enemy’s side, each person’s head also has a corresponding blue blood column. Until they run out of health, they are considered destroyed (sadly, so are you, so be careful and always watch your health bar).

Below the screen are a series of useful function clusters for battle including Enchant, Fighter, Partner, Dungeon, Training, Shop. A small cluster on the right shows the level you are reaching at the moment. On the right is a series of collected skills and skills about to be unlocked.

Designing the control layout and important combat elements this way will help you always clearly see the situation, what is and what will be in the future. From there, come up with more effective attack and defense strategies and combine the surrounding environment. Controlling Isekai Fighting Girls can therefore be classified as “intuitive”, showing it all out and not wanting to make things difficult for any player. I’m sure you can join the game easily even if you’ve never played a combat role-playing game before.

Hack and slash arcade role-playing game

Isekai Fighting Girls creates a comfortable, nostalgic yet fresh feeling from the first encounters. The reason is because this game starts immediately, not keeping you waiting. The so-called story just mentioned above also happened very quickly, just a few seconds of simple cutscene. You also don’t have to learn too much about the characters, just start fighting right away and enjoy the powerful fighting atmosphere that you want to have for entertainment.

The next reason comes from the character’s progression. Thanks to the support of flexible, highly proactive combat abilities, Isekai Fighting Girls allows you to deeply immerse yourself, helping your character improve day by day, continuously learning new skills. But at the same time, it doesn’t require you to always be glued to the screen watching every move on it. Everything happens in Isekai Fighting Girls in a fairly smooth, orderly and minimalist way, suitable for all players, even those experiencing it for the first time.

Minimalist upgrade system

True to arcade hack and slash style, there are no puzzles for players in both the combat system (just mentioned above) and the character upgrade system. Every time you defeat an enemy, you gain money and experience points. Money is used to buy more equipment and new weapons. Experience points will help unlock new skills and abilities to help the character become stronger day by day.

Not to mention there are constantly periodic events and special events waiting for you. If you win, the rewards of these events will be for you. Focus on fighting and don’t miss any competitive events, you will quickly level up and strengthen your character. And also prepare to wait for a new character to appear, bringing a new experience.

Smooth animation, adorable characters

In this Isekai world, you are not alone. But there are many girls in the same situation. They are also trying their best to fight to escape this place and find a way home.

Through gradually unlocking these interesting fighting female characters, you will have for yourself a collection of cute girls. From beautiful and cute, to weak and spoiled, to even independent personalities, there will always be a girl who will impress you and make you feel happy to be her.

What is commendable is that the female protagonists in Isekai Fighting Girls are designed very meticulously. It’s very meticulous from the way they appear, to when they fight, make moves in front of enemies, or small everyday actions like talking, frowning, crying, surprise, joy, happiness. Although only shown in the form of facial expressions and dialog boxes, Isekai Fighting Girls did a very good job of creating character shapes.

The game also has a unique combat skills system. Through precise controls, you will master your character’s attacks and unleash attacks on many different enemies. Every animation during the movement and fighting is meticulously done. There are no stops, no hesitation or unnecessary movements. You will be satisfied with the detailed action in this game.

MOD APK version of Isekai Fighting Girl

MOD feature

Unlimited Gems

Download Isekai Fighting Girl MOD APK for Android

Isekai Fighting Girls deserves to be a highly entertaining arcade hack and slash game. You don’t need to spend time getting used to it or think too much, just jump in and play. This precious spirit was born to entertain everyone.

What's new

[1.0.71 update notes]
1.Bug fixes



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