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MOD (Unlocked Modes) v1.53
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If you are a fan of the physics puzzle game genre and love the famous Ragdoll Playground game, then you definitely cannot miss Last Play. This is the sequel and final part of the game Play Ground 3D, where you get to join the exciting ragdoll world and explore the world with your own experiences.

About Last Play

Brief introduction if anyone has never played games similar to Last Play before. Last Play is a game in the physics puzzle genre. That means you are taken into different environments and freely explore and test things there. This is a relatively new genre and doesn’t have many players yet. But just try playing it once, you will be attracted to it immediately. The number of more than 1 million downloads cannot fully describe the beauty that Last Play brings. But believe me, once you try it, Last Play will not disappoint you!


Last Play does not shape a specific gameplay style for you to conquer. Here, you are brought into the world of ragdolls, where you can freely explore, create and interact with any object that appears before your eyes. At the core of Last Play is its incredible physics. This ensures that any interactions made are dynamic and realistic. Pay attention to everything you see, they all have unexpected effects.

In the world of Last Play, you will encounter many different types of tools and weapons. Depending on the environment and assigned tasks, those tools can be used to create epic explosions, vehicle crashes and more. However, let’s temporarily put aside the tasks and immerse yourself in the creative world of Last Play. Any idea, even the craziest and boldest, can be implemented. This is your world.


There’s really nothing to say about Last Play’s graphics. Last Play is not strong in elements such as colorful graphics or vivid images like in movies. What I want to talk about is the interactions and effects of objects in the game. They are completely based on realistic physics elements.

In addition, the characters are also uniquely simulated. There is no game that has an image of a human character whose head is a massive sound system. All bring you a completely new but no less interesting experience.

Quirky characters

As mentioned above, in Last Play, you will meet countless unique and quirky simulated ragdoll characters. Compared to the initial characters with stick figures and zombies, later on you can unlock more and more different characters. The special feature of Last Play is the creativity in interactions between characters and tools. The more tools or weapons you collect, the more character variations you can create. That’s why I mentioned the battle between the television giant and the radio giant above!

Creative tasks

Although Last Play prioritizes players discovering everything, and this is fascinating! then you still need to complete quests to progress through the game. This helps you unlock more new environments as well as many other activities. It’s a task, but it’s all quite simple and there are countless ways to do it. Once you understand the elements of the game, your job is to be creative to complete the task in the most beautiful way.

Or else, if you want to simply explore the world in Last Play, try playing the sandbox modes. There, you can freely experiment and create things without being pressured by goals or tasks. In general, in Last Play, as long as you have a little imagination, you can completely build your own story.

Embark on a journey of adventure

In Last Play, you will play as fun dummy characters to explore diverse environments. The game offers a variety of environments, from bustling cities to mysterious rooms. Each environment challenges players differently. With open gameplay and countless exciting levels, prepare for an exciting adventure in Last Play.

When playing Last Play, you will find that the majority of levels require epic destruction. There are many tools such as weapons, bombs, gas tanks or cars. By controlling the character with realistic physical interactions, you will have many ways to create beautiful explosions.

Besides, you will also have interesting encounters with quirky characters. For example, the confrontations between Titan Tvman and Titan Speakerman. The war between TV people and speakers sounds unbelievable but this is completely real in Last Play. In addition, there are many other characters for you to learn about. Does this sound interesting enough?

MOD APK version of Last Play

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Download Last Play APK & MOD for Android

There are countless games on phones today, but few have new and exciting gameplay like Last Play. Make sure that when you finish playing Last Play, you will search for other games of the same genre. In the future APKMOD.CC will update more similar games for you. Your job now is to download the game and immerse yourself in the world of Last Play.


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