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Jun 2, 2024
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43.1 Unlimited Money
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Bloons TD 6 is a game in which you have to protect your Towers from The Balloons that are prevailing in the air. You have to clear the tracks of your Towers so that you can easily know about the path. To protect your Towers from the balloons, you can hire monkeys and equip them with different weapons so that they can remove the balloons from the air. You can also get a hero monkey in this game.

This game includes events in which you have to move to different locations and complete the given tasks. You can also select the level of difficulty in the online adventures. You can buy a lot of different skins for your monkeys and can also use the voice over feature to add dialogues to the game.

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Bloons TD 6 is a game in which you have to protect your Island from The Balloons that are covering the tracks of your area. You need to hire monkeys that will explode these balloons so that you can have a clear land. You can also buy different weapons and provide them to the monkeys so that they can get rid of The Balloons that are covering the tower.

Features of Bloons TD 6 APK

Clear the Path

In this game, your main task is to clear the land of your Island. There are some balloons that will cover the area of your Island and you need to remove them from your track so that you can make it clearer.

Hire Monkeys

To remove The Balloons from your area, you can hire monkeys. You need to get monkeys for different towers so that they can remove the balloons. You can also equip your monkeys with weapons so that they can explode the balloons.

Buy Weapons

There are a variety of weapons available in this game that can be used to remove The Balloons. You can buy these weapons with the help of money and provide them to the monkeys.

Customise your Monkeys

This game provides you the option to customise your monkey. You can buy different outfits and different accessories to change the look of your monkey. You can get new hairstyles for your monkeys as well.

Get hero Characters

Apart from the normal monkeys, you can also get Hero monkeys for your Island so that you can better protect your area from the balloons. These monkeys have some special skills that will help you to get rid of the bigger balloons.

Join Online Events

This game organises a lot of online events in which you can participate and win a lot of prizes. By completing these events, you can unlock new parts of this game and can also get Hero monkeys.

Variety of Maps

Apart from the normal area, you can also unlock new areas in this game. It contains a variety of maps and you can unlock new maps to enjoy playing this game.

Unlocked Hero Monkeys

By downloading the premium version of this game, you will be able to get unlocked hero monkeys which means you can easily buy these monkeys and use them to protect your area.

Unlimited Currency

The premium version of this game will also provide you with unlimited game currency so that you can buy new weapons.

Free Upgrades

This premium version will also allow you to upgrade your monkeys for free.

Why do people like Bloons TD 6 Premium APK?

People like Bloons TD 6 Premium apk because in this version, they will not have to unlock any Hero monkey as all of these monkeys are available to them. They will also be able to get unlimited game currency and free upgrades for their monkeys.

Download Bloons TD 6 Premium APK Latest Version 2024

In the premium version of Bloons TD 6, there are no restrictions as all the monkeys are unlocked and you will also receive unlimited game currency. But the only thing that you need to do is to buy the premium version with the help of money.

Bloons TD 6 APK 2024 Download

To get the latest version of this game, you can download Bloons TD 6 APK 2024.

Final Verdict

In Bloons TD 6, you have to take help from the monkeys to remove The Balloons that are covering your area. You can also get weapons for the monkeys so that they can easily remove The Balloons. If you want to get the extended features of this app then you can download Bloons TD 6 Premium APK.


Q. How do you get monkeys in Bloons TD 6 APK?

You can buy monkeys with the help of money.

Q. How do you earn Money in Bloons TD 6 APK?

You have to explode The Balloons to earn money in Bloons TD 6 APK.

What's new

New Jet Pack Hero! - Bug fixes
• Flight check complete! Rosalia is the newest Hero in Bloons TD 6. Lasers. Grenades. Jet Pack. What else do you need?
• Check out Rosalia's home base, Tinkerton, a new Beginner Map.
• New Team event, Boss Rush! Battle against Bosses on a series of Islands with your Team. Huge rewards on offer.
• New Map Editor props and functionality.
• Help Dr. Monkey in the new quest: A Strange Bloonomaly.



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