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Designed for best friends and couples in love, Locket Widget specializes in helping you share every happy moment between the two of you, instantly, directly on your mobile Homescreen.

About Locket Widget

Locket Widget is a mobile app designed to enhance the personalization and functionality of the user’s device. The app falls under the category of utility widgets and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS platforms.

What is Locket Widget?

Digital technology opens up many relationships, but at the same time, it also dilutes many relationships that are thought to be very strong in everyday life. How many times have you connected with strangers, but haven’t seen your best friend’s picture on social media for a week? For many reasons. He doesn’t like using social networks, he’s lazy to upload pictures, you two don’t have much interaction online…

There’s a fun way to keep couples or best friends up to date with everything about each other as quickly as possible. The application is called Locket Widget.

What features does Locket Widget have, and why can it help to better connect?

The way Locket Widget works is as follows: you choose to share the application with a best friend, family, lover. Then when you take a picture and want to send it to that person, the application will help to instantly share these photo moments with them, instantly and right on the Homescreen. Conversely, their images also appear right on your phone’s Homescreen when they click share.

So the first condition is that both you and the person you want to connect to must be using Locket Widget on your mobile. Next, one of the two needs to actively Setup Locket to put the other person’s contact in the list of friends to connect. From here, photos that need to be shared or taken directly on the application, just press Share will immediately display on your friends’ Homescreen. You don’t have to go through any online messaging application or tag on social networks to share photos anymore.

Every time your friends receive an image you share (or vice versa), they will receive a notification from the application to notify the Homescreen to view the image. They can also leave emojis on the photo to show their affection and connect with the owner of the photo, who is you. You will also be able to do the same with shared images from your friends.


The app provides a sleek and elegant lock screen widget that can be customized to fit the user’s preferences. It offers a variety of designs, colors, and fonts that can be changed according to the user’s liking. Users can also add their own photos and backgrounds to the widget, which adds a personal touch to their device.


In terms of functionality, Locket Widget allows users to access their frequently used apps, contacts, and music player without unlocking their device. Users can easily customize the widget to display the apps and contacts they use the most, which saves time and enhances productivity. Additionally, the app provides weather updates and news feeds on the widget, allowing users to stay up to date with the latest news and weather conditions.


Locket Widget also offers a unique security feature that allows users to protect their personal information. The app provides a private mode that hides sensitive notifications and alerts when the device is locked. This ensures that no one can access the user’s personal information without their permission.

Battery Optimization

The app is optimized to reduce battery consumption, and it does not consume excessive power while running in the background. This means that users can enjoy the full benefits of the app without worrying about battery drain.

Overall, Locket Widget is a versatile and functional app that provides a unique and personalized lock screen experience. The app’s features and design cater to the user’s preferences, and its security features ensure that their personal information is always safe.

Download Locket Widget APK for Android

Locket Widget is currently completely free to use. This is an extremely good connection, interesting for friends, family, love relationships. Away from the interference of social networks, here, right on the Homescreen of your mobile, you are also connecting every day and every hour with the person you love.

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