Stellar Wind Idle MOD Unlimited Alloy

APK + MOD (Unlimited Alloy) v1.7.1
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Oct 15, 2023
Mar 2, 2024
APK + MOD (Unlimited Alloy) v1.7.1
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Stellar Wind Idle Space RPG is addicting idle space games with reassembly modular spaceships, where you can try your fleet command skills. Welcome to science-fiction starship games and enjoy this space battle games!

About Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG

Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG is a mobile game that combines elements of idle gaming, space exploration, and role-playing. In this game, players embark on an interstellar journey to explore the cosmos, gather resources, upgrade their spaceship, and engage in epic battles. Here’s a detailed description of the game:


Space Exploration: Players take on the role of a space captain and embark on a vast and open-ended journey through the universe. The game’s universe is filled with planets, asteroids, and celestial objects to explore.

Idle Mechanics

Stellar Wind Idle incorporates idle gaming elements, allowing players to passively collect resources while offline. This means that even when you’re not actively playing, your spaceship continues its journey and gathers resources.

Resource Collection

Resources like minerals, fuel, and exotic materials are crucial for upgrading your spaceship and progressing through the game. Collecting these resources is a primary objective.

Spaceship Customization

Players can upgrade and customize their spaceship with various modules, weapons, and enhancements. These upgrades improve your ship’s performance, combat abilities, and resource-gathering efficiency.

Epic Space Battles

The game features space battles against hostile alien species, pirates, and other threats. Players can engage in real-time battles or set their ships to auto-battle mode for a more hands-off approach.


Stellar Wind Idle may include a rich storyline with quests, missions, and encounters with alien civilizations. These story elements provide context for your spacefaring adventures.

Research and Technology

Researching new technologies and advancements is a key aspect of the game. Players can unlock and upgrade various technologies to enhance their spaceship’s capabilities.

Alliances and Multiplayer

Some versions of the game may include alliance or multiplayer features, allowing players to team up with others, trade resources, and participate in cooperative missions.

Cosmic Discoveries

Exploration leads to the discovery of new planets, species, and cosmic phenomena. These discoveries may yield unique rewards and opportunities for players.

Graphics and Artwork

Stellar Wind Idle typically offers visually appealing space-themed graphics and artwork, creating an immersive and captivating gaming experience.

In-Game Economy

The game may include an in-game economy, with a marketplace for trading resources and items with other players or NPCs.

Events and Challenges

Regular in-game events and challenges keep the gameplay fresh and provide opportunities for earning special rewards.

Cultural Impact

Games like Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG tap into the fascination with space exploration and the allure of an open-ended, ever-expanding universe. They offer a mix of strategic decision-making, resource management, and exploration, catering to players who enjoy both idle gaming and the thrill of interstellar adventures.

In summary, Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG offers players an engaging and immersive space exploration experience with idle gaming mechanics. It combines resource gathering, spaceship customization, epic battles, and a rich universe to explore, making it an attractive choice for fans of space-themed mobile games.

MOD APK version of Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Alloy

Download Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG APK & MOD for Android

Playing Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG is also an opportunity for you to explore many strange planets and the vastness of the boundless galaxy. No other idle spaceship shooting game has been so sharp and sophisticated in depicting beautiful planets, constantly moving within the vast universe. There are still many more wonders waiting for you to discover in Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG.

What's new

- Now clans are available for players after reaching Chapter 2-5.
- The number of players in a clan has been increased to 15.
- Now you can specify the requirements for joining a clan (the number of Chapter).
- Clan points are awarded for completing the Exploration.
- New clan goals in the Spring Terraforming event.

Ore Extraction event:
- Spring has started, and the event has changed. Meet the Spring Terraforming!
- Ore has been replaced by other spring items.



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