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v324.3.2157 Unlimited Money
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A journey of epic battles, strategic conquests, and legendary heroes lies ahead in Total Battle Mod Apk, a captivating war strategy game that thrusts players into a magical world of ancient civilizations, magic kingdoms, and great empires. As you step into the realm of Total Battle, be prepared for an immersive experience that goes beyond ordinary mobile gaming.

Download Total Battle Mod Apk

In Total Battle Mod Apk, you’ll command and conquer kingdoms, build a powerful empire, and engage in tactical warfare against monsters, barbarians, and other players. Form alliances, explore an expansive open world, and strategize your way to victory. Download Total Battle Mod Apk now and immerse yourself in the thrill of castle defense and strategic war maneuvers.

Unlimited Money

Unlock limitless possibilities with Total Battle Mod Apk, where the feature of unlimited money transforms your strategic conquests. Gain a financial edge as you build and fortify your empire without constraints. This mod unleashes unparalleled opportunities, ensuring a dynamic and resourceful gameplay experience.

Apk Features

Immersive Fantasy Setting

Dive into Total Battle’s rich narrative that spans ancient times, medieval eras, and the age of discovery. The game’s visually stunning fantasy world, with its diverse landscapes of deserts, forests, and mountain ranges, provides an immersive backdrop for your strategic conquests.

Legendary Heroes and Captains

Lead a legion of legendary heroes and captains, each hailing from distinct civilizations. These heroes bring unique skills to the battlefield, shaping the course of your victories. As you level up your heroes and craft specialized equipment, Total Battle mirrors the depth found in the best MMORPGs, adding a layer of complexity to your gameplay.

Strategic Base Development

At the core of your castle lies your military base, a pivotal element in your quest for dominance. From deploying catapults and guardsmen to unleashing powerful titans, dragons, and elementals, the game demands strategic planning as you build and upgrade your forces to fortify your stronghold.

Epic Dragon Summoning

Unleash the power of epic monsters and raise your own dragon to combat formidable enemies. The strength of your dragon proves indispensable when laying siege to mighty magical citadels. This unique feature adds a thrilling dynamic to your overall war strategy.

Open World Exploration

Total Battle invites you to explore a vast open world teeming with challenges. Navigate through hordes of enemies, stumble upon abandoned gold mines, engage in battle arenas, and unearth ancient crypts filled with treasures. Adapt your strategy to the diverse landscapes for a truly dynamic gaming experience.

Online Battles and Clans

Forge alliances and join clans with players from around the globe. Collaborate with friends as you climb the war rankings in intense online battles. Engage in territorial conquests and leverage the support of your allies to chart your path to world domination.

Regular Competitions and Challenges

Total Battle keeps the gameplay fresh and exhilarating with regular competitions and challenges. Test your strategic prowess against other players, proving your mettle on the battlefield. These events add a competitive edge, ensuring that victory is reserved for those who continually hone their skills.


Total Battle Mod Apk transcends the ordinary, offering gamers a captivating journey through historical epochs, mythical realms, and strategic conquests. With its immersive fantasy setting, legendary heroes, and diverse features like strategic base development and epic dragon summoning, Total Battle stands as a testament to the pinnacle of mobile gaming. The open-world exploration, online battles, and engaging clan dynamics elevate the gaming experience, ensuring a dynamic and competitive landscape. As players participate in regular challenges, Total Battle proves itself not just as a game but as an ever-evolving strategic realm where skill, wit, and alliances shape the path to ultimate domination.

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