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Where’s Samantha? is an obstacle course game. But the strange thing is that it takes place in the world of hand-woven textiles. A relaxing game with unique graphics.

About game Where’s Samantha?

Help George as he searches for his lost love Samantha and overcomes puzzles and obstacles!


While Where’s Samantha? does not have a traditional story, each scene is beautifully designed and tells its own story. For example, the beach scene may show a family enjoying a day out, while the city streets may depict a bustling urban environment. The scenes are designed to be immersive, and players must use their observation skills to explore each location and find the hidden objects.

In conclusion, Where’s Samantha? is a fun and engaging puzzle game that challenges players to find hidden objects within beautifully designed scenes. The game offers multiple modes to keep players engaged and presents various challenges that make the game more difficult. While the game does not have a traditional story, each scene tells its own story and immerses players in a different environment.


Where’s Samantha? is a puzzle game that challenges players to find hidden objects in a variety of scenes. The game is set in various locations, including the beach, city streets, and countryside. Each level presents a new scene filled with objects to find, and players must use their observational skills to locate them.


The primary objective of Where’s Samantha? is to find a specific object within the scene, which is usually indicated at the bottom of the screen. For example, the player may be tasked with finding a red umbrella, a green car, or a yellow flower. As the game progresses, the objects become harder to find, and the scenes become more complex.


In addition to finding the objects, players must overcome various challenges that make the game more difficult. These challenges may include time limits, limited hints, or obstacles that block the player’s view. Players must use their problem-solving skills to overcome these challenges and find the hidden objects within the time limit.


Where’s Samantha? offers multiple game modes to keep players engaged. These modes include timed challenges, limited hint modes, and free-play modes. In timed challenges, players must find all the hidden objects within a set time limit, while in limited hint modes, players have a limited number of hints to help them locate the objects. In free-play mode, players can take their time and explore the scene at their own pace.

Download Where’s Samantha? APK for Android

Where’s Samantha is easy to play, with short, slow-paced, strange gameplay, especially with unique visuals. This is an Indie game you should try on mobile.

What's new

- In-App Purchases Added to remove ADS
- Minor Bug Fixes



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