Army Toys Town APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

MOD APK 3.0.9 Unlimited Points, No ADS
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Oct 23, 2018
Feb 11, 2024
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MOD APK 3.0.9 Unlimited Points, No ADS
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Army Toys Town Mod takes you to the empire of green plastic warriors. You will fight dinosaurs, anime factions to grasp power and master the battle at hand.

About APEX Racer

Army Toys Town is an exciting and immersive action game that takes players into a world of miniature warfare. In this unique and captivating game, players step into the shoes of a toy soldier and engage in thrilling battles within a bustling toy town. With its stunning visuals, intense gameplay, and strategic elements, Army Toys Town offers an exhilarating gaming experience.

Toy Town Exploration

Army Toys Town invites players to explore a meticulously designed toy town filled with detailed environments, including houses, streets, parks, and other iconic toy landmarks. The immersive graphics and vibrant colors bring the town to life, creating a captivating and visually stunning setting for the battles that unfold.

Intense Battle Scenarios

The game offers a variety of action-packed battle scenarios that test the skills and strategic thinking of players. Engage in thrilling combat against enemy toy soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and other formidable opponents. Each battle presents unique challenges, objectives, and terrain, requiring players to adapt their strategies and employ different tactics to achieve victory.

Diverse Toy Soldier Arsenal

Army Toys Town features a wide array of toy soldier units, each with its own unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Players can choose from various infantry units, armored vehicles, artillery, and air support, allowing them to create a well-rounded and powerful toy soldier army. Unlock new units and upgrades as you progress, enhancing your tactical options and adding depth to the gameplay.

Strategic Gameplay

The game emphasizes strategic decision-making, requiring players to carefully plan their moves, anticipate enemy actions, and utilize the terrain to their advantage. Position your units strategically, take cover behind obstacles, and coordinate attacks to outmaneuver and overpower the enemy. Successful strategy and tactical thinking are key to securing victory in the challenging battles.

Customization and Progression

Army Toys Town offers a progression system that rewards players with experience points and in-game currency as they complete battles and missions. Use these rewards to unlock new units, upgrade existing ones, and customize your toy soldier army. Enhance your soldiers’ abilities, equip them with powerful weapons, and personalize their appearance to create a formidable and unique force.

Multiplayer Battles

The game features an exhilarating multiplayer mode that allows players to challenge friends or other players in intense real-time battles. Test your skills and strategies against human opponents, showcasing your toy soldier army’s superiority. Compete for high rankings and rewards on global leaderboards, adding a competitive element to the gameplay experience.

Engaging Campaign Mode

Army Toys Town offers an engaging single-player campaign that takes players on an epic journey through a series of challenging missions. Follow a captivating storyline as you progress through different toy town areas, each with its own unique battles and objectives. Immerse yourself in the narrative, uncover secrets, and become the hero of the toy town.

User-Friendly Controls

The game features intuitive touch controls that are easy to learn and master. Move your toy soldiers, aim and fire weapons, and execute special abilities with simple gestures. The responsive controls ensure smooth gameplay, allowing players to focus on the strategic aspects of the battles.

Social Interaction and Community

Army Toys Town fosters social interaction and community engagement through in-game chat features and the ability to join or create toy soldier armies with friends or like-minded players. Collaborate, strategize, and coordinate with your army members to dominate the battlefield and achieve shared goals.

Army Toys Town combines captivating visuals, intense battles, and strategic gameplay to deliver an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience. With its immersive toy town setting, diverse units, multiplayer battles, and customization options, the game offers endless hours of thrilling warfare and strategic fun. Step into the world of toy soldiers and lead your army to victory in the epic battles that unfold in Army Toys Town.

MOD APK version of APEX Racer

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Items

You can buy, even if you don’t have enough money.

What's new

Bug fixes



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