Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money And Diamond

3.1.5 Unlimited Money And Diamond
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3.1.5 Unlimited Money And Diamond
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Crime simulator games are very famous among the youngsters nowadays. In these types of games the Gamers get Liberty of doing anything in the name of action. For example, they can ride vehicles, involve themselves in gun fights, loots and much more in a single game. Many of these types of games are available in the market. However Vegas Crime Simulator 2 tops the list somehow. It is an exceptional action game that was first developed by the Naxeex Ltd.

In this game you are free to choose whether you want to become a criminal or want to help the police in order to eradicate all the Mafia from the city. The game is based in the city of the Las Vegas. The game features 3D and realistic graphics that will add more excitement in the gameplay. You can freely ride any vehicle and use many different weapons to kill your enemies. You can also try to eradicate all the small gangs from the city and try to become the boss of the Mafia. In this game you will also get a chance to customise your avatar according to your liking.

The Vegas Crime simulator 2 has a lot more exciting features that will keep you indulged in its gameplay. If you want to get a good review about this game then you can read this article.

What is Vegas Crime Simulator 2 APK?

Vegas crime Simulator 2 is a crime simulator game in which the user have the liberty to choose whether they want to help the police by killing the Mafia or want to become one of the Mafia Boss. In order to complete these missions the user will make use of certain weapons and vehicles in the game. The user will have to complete the missions assigned them in order to level up. You can also create your avatar by the help of the store that is available in the game.

What is Vegas Crime Simulator 2 MOD APK?

The regular version of the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 has been modified by the certain developers to remove certain restrictions provided in the game. In this modified version, the player will get unlimited amount of money that he can use to buy weapons, vehicles and different accessories from the store. This version also does not contain ads so that the player will not get interrupted during the exciting gameplay.

Is Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Played Online?

If you want to play as a single player then you can play even without an Internet connection. But if you want to participate in different criminal showdowns and missions then you will need a secured internet connection. You can use different vehicles and avatars in these missions.

How to Download Vegan Crime Simulator 2 on PC?

To download Vegas crime Simulator 2 on your PC you will first have to install BlueStacks on your PC. After downloading it you can write the name of the game in the search bar. When you get the results for the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 you can click on it to download the game.

Features of Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Missions to Complete

In the Vegas Crime Simulator 2, the players will have a choice to choose between different missions and Quest that they want to play. All the missions come up with different Strategies and difficulties. There are many different missions, for example in one mode you will have to face a whole gang of criminals, in the other mode you will have to face the Army and much more. You can complete these missions as well as roam the city of The Last Vegas in this game.

Get Rewards Everyday

In adition to different rewards available in different parts of the cities, you will also receive daily rewards from the game whether you play it or not. The daily rewards will help you a lot in completing the missions and task assigned to you. These rewards can be some weapons or even vehicles or even money.

Achieve Different Attributes

Apart from playing as a Gangster or a helper, the user can also unlock many different attributes in the game. All these attributes will lead to unique achievements. For example, you can get rewards by stealing a car or you can also play as a normal car driver and earn money.

Unlock Different Powers

Apart from earning rewards, you can also buy different powers from the store to make your character more powerful. There are many superpowers available in the store . For example you can unlock the Super kick with the help of money and use it to throw your enemy away. You can also unlock the power of creating explosions. All these attributes will add strength to your character.

Useful Weapons and Vehicles

In the Vegas crime Simulator 2, there are many different kinds of weapons available. You can make use of these weapons to get rid of your enemies. Each weapon has different uses and you can use them on different occasions. For example, if you are stuck between a gang you can use the canons to blow them up and make a way through them. You can also use different vehicles to flee from police and even from the rival gangs.

Customize your Character

In the Vegas crime Simulator 2, you can freely customise your character by using different items. You can buy these items from the store with the help of money. For example, you can buy clothes from the store and different accessories. Not only that, you can also upgrade the look of your Gangster for different occasions.

Features of Vegas Crime Simulator 2 MOD APK

Unlimited Money

In the modded version of Vegas crime Simulator 2 the users will be able to buy different weapons powers vehicles and costumes from the store. In this version, the user will be available with unlimited amount of money that they can use to buy stuff from Store.

No Advertisement

In the Vegas crime Simulator 2 Mod APK, the ads have been removed to provide a better User experience without any disturbance and interruptions.


There is no doubt that Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is a Hub of entertainment and excitement. If you want to immerse in the interesting gameplay of the Vegas Crime Simulator 2, then you should definitely download its modded version from our website so that you can unlock all the different aspects of the game. This game is one of the most famous crime simulator game. If you want to get additional information about this game, then you can write your questions in the comment section down below.


Q. How to Unlock Superpowers without money in Vegas Crime Simulator?

If you want to unlock superpowers then you can download the modded version of the Vegas crime Simulator 2 from our website. It will provide you with unlocked powers and unlimited money.

Q. How to become the Mafia boss in Vegas Crime Simulator?

To become the Mafia boss, you will have to start from scratch. You will have to explore every street of the city and take part in different Quests to become famous. This will lead you to become the Mafia boss.

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