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MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.1.09
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Jul 3, 2023
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MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.1.09
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Since the launch of the game Bus Simulator, bus driving simulation games in particular and vehicle control games in general have gradually become a new force in the gaming industry. The feeling of traveling all over the world, rolling through places that you will not even be able to visit once in your life is exactly what you will experience in this type of game.

About Bus Simulator : Extreme Roads

Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads is the latest driving simulation game from publisher badpixel, a developer that has created many such driving simulation games. In this game, there are no heavy action scenes, bloody encounters or terrible tactics, but players will still have to comply with many principles, which are real-life traffic rules, if they want to complete the game.

Familiar gameplay

If anyone has experienced other driving simulation games such as Bus Simulator: Ultimate, Truck Simulator: Ultimate or Bus Simulator 2023, they will see that the gameplay of Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads has many similarities. Here, you will still transform into a bus driver whose task is to take passengers to stops according to the pre-determined route.

The control mechanism of Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads is that you use a detailed control panel exactly like in real buses, with the steering wheel, accelerator pedal, brake pedal, gear lever all being displayed on the screen. Control image for easy adjustment. In addition, when using the control system in Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads, you will also have to get used to other diverse functions such as opening/closing car doors, adjusting mirror rotation angle, and using signal lights and car horn to interact with other cars on the road.

Diverse buses

You will never get bored with Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads, because this game not only has stunning scenery but also possesses a collection of the world’s leading buses. You can arbitrarily choose the model, style, and color of the car, along with the size, interior, and exterior all have huge differences. However, they will not be free and you will need to save some money from your salary to buy new cars. Because it costs money to buy, expensive cars also have many differences such as holding more space, having a more compact engine, being able to climb hills and mountains as you like, or having superior safety.

Duties of the driver

Your main task in Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads will of course be to pick up and drop off passengers to help them have the safest trips possible. Please enter and exit the correct stop, park your vehicle as meticulously as possible on any trip. Remember that driving safely, not crashing, not making passengers so scared that they run away in the car is the key to helping you keep this job. Once you have more experience driving a bus and can guarantee time and safety, you can also increase the ticket price to earn more income for yourself.

Open map

Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads opens up a truly vast world and possesses many beautiful roads, which can be said to be the most beautiful among Bus Simulator games. You can travel back and forth to dozens of different countries with hundreds of diverse routes, seeing beautiful landscapes from every corner of the world. From beautiful seas like Hawaii, Maya Bay or towering mountain ranges with winding, winding roads like Mount Fuji or Valley of Fire will all appear in Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads to bring giving you the most vivid and rich experiences.

Beautiful graphics

Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads really has an excellent graphics system that surely everyone who has played it must admit that. Every bus, every building and every detail on the street is designed in high resolution. The lighting effects are carefully invested so you can clearly feel every detail whether it’s bright or pitch black.

In addition, Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads also pays attention to weather effects to create a more realistic experience. From light rain moistening the road to dust rising from the road as it dries, every change in weather affects the driving experience, enhancing the variety and fun of the missions.

MOD APK version of Bus Simulator : Extreme Roads

Easily buy new buses and customize your bus with available money in Bus Simulator : Extreme Roads MOD APK version.

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Bus Simulator : Extreme Roads MOD APK for Android

Conquer the most difficult roads in the world with the game Bus Simulator: Extreme Roads, where you can become a multi-talented driver to take passengers wherever they want. Wish you have hours of fun gaming!

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