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This is an Emulator that will help you to play your favourite DS games on the device and you can customise these games in various ways. To use this emulator, you first have to download the game on your device. After that, you can add these games into the files of Citra Emulator. Whenever you open a game, this app will send you a notification if you want to play this game under this emulator or not.

If you click on yes then you will get a whole menu that you can modify according to your choice. For example, you can change the audio settings and you can also increase the speed of your character.

Get Citra Emulator APK Now!

It is a game emulator that will help you to play DS games on your device with a lot of modifications. You can download any game on your device and start playing it with the help of this emulator. It will allow you to modify the controls of the game and you will also be able to enhance the graphics as well as the sound effects of the games that you play.

Features of Citra Emulator APK

Game Emulator

Citra emulator is a game emulator that will help you to modify the settings of any game. But for this purpose, you first have to download the game on your device. After that you can start operating it with the help of this emulator.

Add Games

To start playing the game under the influence of this emulator, you have to add the downloaded games into the folder of citra emulator.

Modify Sound

This emulator will help you to modify the sound effects of the games that you play. For example, you can add some additional sound effects to make the game more exciting.

Use Gamepad

This app will also provide you with the gamepad. In this way, you can easily play your favourite games on your Android device and you will not feel the need to get a PS4 to play your favourite games.

Increase Speed

You will also be able to increase the speed of the character with the help of this emulator. In this way, you can become faster in contrast to your enemies and you can easily defeat them.

Record your gameplay

You can make use of the virtual camera that is available in this emulator. It will help you to capture the beautiful moments of your game. You can save these videos on your device and can also share them.

Various control mechanisms

Every game has one kind of controlling mechanism. But with the help of citra emulator, you can easily modify this control mechanism according to your convenience.

Work with all games

This emulator is compatible with all the different games. There are no restrictions regarding any kind of a game and you can easily modify the menu of all your favourite games with the help of it.

Advanced Menu

The premium version of Citra Emulator will provide an advanced menu. it will help you make a lot of additions to the game that you play with it.

Free from ads

You are going to face no ads in the premium version of citra emulator as all the ads have been removed from this version.

Why do people like Citra Emulator Premium APK?

People like Citra Emulator Premium APK because in this version, they can get advanced settings that will help them to modify the game in various ways and it will also allow them to get rid of all the interruptions that they have to face because of this emulator.

Download Citra Emulator Premium APK Latest Version 2023

Citra Emulator Premium apk is very beneficial for all the game lovers because it provides you unlimited space which means you can add unlimited games in the folder of this emulator. But the only way to have access to this feature is to pay the subscription charges.

Citra Emulator APK 2023 Download

If you want to get a better interface on this app then you should download Citra emulator APK 2023.

Downloading Citra Emulator Premium APK

To download Citra Emulator Premium apk, you have to scroll on this article and look for the download link. Once you find it, you have to tap on it to start the downloading process. After the completion of download, you can install this app.

Final Verdict

This is an app for all the game lovers because it allows them to modify many of the games according to their liking. They can easily enhance the graphics and the sound effects as well. But if you want to have some additional advantages, you can get its premium version.


Q. Does the Citra Emulator work well on Laptop?

Yes, this app works really well on a laptop.

Q. Who is the developer of Citra Emulator?.

Citra Emulator is the developer of this app.


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