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Jan 26, 2024
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PRO APK v1.08.04 (Patched)
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Edjing Mix is the best DJ music player on mobile. Currently, it has had hundreds of millions of downloads and millions of positive reviews on the apps stores. At the moment, its latest mod version is available on Android, allowing you to download and experience the Pro features for free. Please join us to find out more about the great features of edjing Mix right now!

What can edjing Mix do?

Creating a DJ track is not a simple task as it requires high skill in music and great creativity of the artist. Besides, users also need expensive toolkits to work with DJ tracks. But these exciting experiences can now be available in a mobile app. It sounds great, isn’t it? edjing Mix is ​​the best option for those who want to create DJ tracks right on their Android smartphone or tablet.

The developer MWM has teamed up with hundreds of top DJ from around the world. They create the most professional and original music experience on the app Edjing Mix. It provides you with a standard and suitable DJ soundboard so you can get ready to compose or mix music tracks your way. Also, it offers many unique tuning and EQ options that you won’t find in other apps.

Thanks to edjing Mix, users will have a great DJ music experience right on their Android smartphone. Forget about time and space restrictions, you can play DJ tracks right on your device’s touch screen. Moreover, this app is completely free to download on Play Store. Also, it works smoothly on most Android devices, including Low-end devices. Besides, an upgrade option to the PRO package in the app is available to allow access to limited advanced features. We also provide you with the latest version of edjing Mix mod with all PRO features, which are unlocked and free to use.

The key features

edjing Mix is ​​an indispensable music app for the fan of DJ music.

Huge music collection

If you don’t know how to get started, edjing Mix will show you. The app allows users to freely access a huge music collection from a variety of sources. There are more than 50 million free tracks for you to choose from.

Besides, there are 3 options for you to start looking for a track: My Music (Local Music), Deezer, and Souncloud (Online music streaming services). This application has partnered with the largest music store today so that users can synchronize their music experience. Currently, users can connect the app through Soundcloud and Deezer accounts to sync the playlist. Besides, you can also download your favorite songs to play on edjing Mix at any time. By simply granting access to the device’s internal memory, the app can scan all available audio files in your device. Also, you can also choose to scan a specific folder.

In addition to a huge music library, this app also provides an intuitive player. So, users can easily organize their songs. You can create playlists then add your favorite songs and use them anytime. It is not just local music but you can also combine playlists and online music from Deezer and SoundCloud data stores. A smart search engine is also available for you to easily find any songs.

Important notes: Users need a Premium account of SoundCloud or Deezer platforms to be able to synchronize music data on edjing Mix. If you do not have a premium Deezer account,

A full feature DJ player

You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on audio tools to be able to play DJ at home. edjing Mix provides a professional, complete and free DJ music player for you to enjoy. It accurately simulates the way Soundboard DJ works, from which it shows the tools on the mobile device screen. All you need is a good enough Android device with a large enough screen (or preferably a tablet). Then, you can install this app to have all the DJ music tools.

Besides, the BPM feature is an important part of this application. The developer has said that it took them more than 5 years to perfect this tool. It can automatically calculate the BPM of each track with very high accuracy. From there, the app offers the best customization for mixing music. Also, with the built-in audio spectrum, users will easily detect beats and navigate between different parts of the mix. Enjoy constant synchronization between tracks for editing and mixing them more easily.

If you have good music skills, you can access the application’s advanced options to interfere deeply with the audio edits. There are many options for you to customize your mix as you like.

To add new sound effects, the app provides you with lots of professional FX. They are Echo, Flanger, Reverse, Filter, Roll, Double Beat, Gate, Reverb, etc. These options are easily found on the app’s UI. Also, they come with many intensive adjustments. However, if you do not have enough knowledge of vocal, we recommend using the default settings because they have been optimized by the developer.

The sound samples for beginners

It is not easy to play a DJ song without any formal training. Edjing Mix cannot become your music teacher either. However, it does provide track templates so you can learn how to play a DJ track. By visiting the “Sample” option, you can find dozens of samples designed by the professional DJ around the world. Besides, simple mixes and basic effects are available for you to apply, such as sirens, drums, alarm sounds. By simply combining them, you can create a great mix your way. Don’t worry if you think you won’t find a suitable sample because edjing Mix offers tracks in all styles, consisting of EDM, Hip-hop, Dubstep and other popular styles. If you don’t have the patience to create a complete mix, the Automix feature will help you. It will automatically combine effects for you to have a fun and seamless DJ playing experience.

Interesting visual effects

edjing Mix satisfies your passion for music on both listening and visual experience. It offers many interesting visual effects when you create remixes. Users can change the themes for the DJ turntables according to the available styles, including Diamond, Gold, neon and Metal. Also, you can simply leave the default then your DJ turntable will show the disc cover of the music you are playing.

Compatible with diverse 3rd-party hardware

A DJ application is perfect when it is compatible with 3rd party audio devices for the best sound quality. edjing Mix is such an app. It is undeniable the power of mobile devices at the moment. But they are not a dedicated device for mixing music. That is the reason why we recommend an external device to combine and easily control all the features of the app. You should start with Mixfader. After that, you can easily master customizations on this app.

Most importantly, edjing Mix allows users to connect to Android Wear to easily sync remixes and more. You can use an Android Wear to change customizations on the mix, add or delete any effects.

Some intuitive applications for the professional DJ

edjing Mix wants to build the look of the app based on feedback from a professional DJ. From there, they collect reviews to come up with a design that is best suited for mobile devices. It can be said that you own a complete DJ music player like what a professional DJ uses in performances.

Also, the app has a flat design with a main black background. The components are neatly organized so you can focus on one thing – Mixing music tracks. Moreover, there are 2 modes for you to choose from, including turntable and spectrum. At the music player interface, users have access to almost every audio adjusting tool, including FX, HQ and more. Also, edjing Mix allows users to make customizations to move the options to the position you want.

Using for free

If you are a simple user and not interested in advanced features, edjing Mix is ​​a suitable choice. At the moment, it is available on Play Store for free to download and use. Besides, you can upgrade it to the PRO package. If you do not like it, you can completely ignore it. The experience with the free version is good enough for you to play the music you want on your smartphone.

Easy to share

edjing Mix allows users to easily share their products. The Recording feature will help you record songs that you have mixed and save it in the device memory. Then, you just need to connect the app to your social media accounts and share your track with just one click. Besides, thanks to the community feature, users can find famous musicians to follow and listen to their remixes. Also, you can get followers by sharing unique and quality remixes.



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