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The application Filto apk provide users with the ability to create picture edit as well as video edits as for their liking. The user of the Filto apk application can easily navigate through the application because of its very intuitive and friendly user interface. The Filto apk application was developed by Pinso Incorporation. The users can give their photos different effects by utilizing The Sparkle effect, the Phosphorus effect, the Bling effect, the Glitch effect and many more other effects.

The users can also so post their edits after adding filters to them. The filters that the Filto apk user can get by installing this application include this chic and retro filters. Do you want to go into the ancient era? Then here is your chance to have fun. Imagine yourself if you are in the 18th and how you would look like ok if you are present back in the future. The Filto apk users can also highlight themselves in the photos by blurring the unwanted things in the background full stop this blurring help them give them the spotlight that they would like.

The Filto apk user can easily crop their photos and videos as per the desired requirement. Not only can the photos be cropped from left right up down but the videos can also be trimmed and the useful clips can be saved while deleting the not so good clips of the videos. The application requires users to grant some of the permissions such as the ability to use the photos in media etc.

Filto apk Features

The Filto apk application provides users with the following features:

Best photo editor

the Filto apk application consists of best editing tools for the user’s photo as it contains many different effects that are simple to use. It has sparkling effects VHS effects and many aesthetic filters.

Best video editor

the Filto apk application is all in one application as it not only allows users to edit photos but also allows them to their videos easily without having to use another application.


the application consists of many different filters such as glitch which distort the photos in creative ways. Another filter is the Bling filter that as a sparkling effect.

Film filter and VHS filter

the film filter makes users feel like as if they are a part of a retro film while the VHS filter as a vintage wipe and make their photos or videos turned into those that are taken in an 80s era.

Light and Shadows

the Filto apk application also allows users to add light and shadows to their pictures and videos to enhance their beauty and make them look more attractive.

Filters for different festivals

the Filto apk application also consists of special filters that come out on different festivals or holidays such as Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and others.

Friendly user interface:

the Filto apk application also has a very friendly interface that provides users with easy navigation throughout the application without having to require a user guide. It is very easy to function.


Amazing editing tools

the Filto apk application consists of lots of Amazing editing tools that are very easy to operate and give the best results so that the user can always rely on the application to get professional edits and then share it with their friends and family.

Trim video

the Filto apk application gives users the ability to trim the videos as they want and select the video clip that they a think is the best.


the application Filto apk allows users to crop their videos and pictures to ever size they want. The application also allows them to adjust the ratio to any size such as according to their Instagram account or the Facebook or Twitter account or even they YouTube and igtv account. That help them and posting their pictures and videos without cutting any of it out.

Export in HD

the Filto apk application allows users to export their edit in high definition resolution quality so that they all clear and crisp edits.

Color palette

the application consists of a very wide range of color palette with 50 different colors from which the user can choose. This allows the users to easily play with the colors and get there desired result.

Make it blur

the application allows users to add the blur effect in the background to highlight themselves. This allows them to get themselves in the spotlight while blocking everything that is hindering it.

No watermarks

the users of this Filto apk application will get to post their edits of their photos and videos without getting any watermarks on it. This helps the users in enjoying the free editing process.

Free of cost application

the Filto apk application provides users with free services without costing them even a penny. Thus, no strain is put on their wallet


Share with friends and family

the Filto apk application allows users to share their edits with your friends and family on different social media application as it is compatible with all of them. The users can increase share the end product on Instagram, igtv, Facebook and other social media platforms.


The Filto apk application provide users with amazing editing tools that they can use to not only edit their photos but their videos as well. This help the users in in saving their storage space as well as their time. All of the services provided by the application are free of cost.


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