Hexa Sort APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v1.9.61

v1.9.61 Unlimited Coins
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Jul 6, 2023
May 25, 2024
v1.9.61 Unlimited Coins
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It cannot be denied that mobile games have brought people wonderful moments of entertainment and relaxation. However, sometimes we spend too much time, effort, and money just to conquer a certain game, forgetting that playing games is just for entertainment. So, today APKMODY.COM will introduce to you a gentle yet extremely interesting puzzle game, Hexa Sort.

Introduction to Hexa Sort

Interesting Puzzle Gameplay

Hexa Sort is an engaging puzzle game from the fun game publisher Lion Studios Plus. With its simple puzzle gameplay, Hexa Sort takes you to a colorful ASMR party. Your task is simply to place bricks of the same color next to each other so that they stack and disappear. The gameplay seems very simple, right? But try playing it and you will feel extremely attracted without realizing it.

Despite its simplicity, Hexa Sort’s puzzles challenge the player’s intelligence and logical thinking ability as the game progresses. Sometimes they will make you dizzy with countless colorful blocks, especially if you misplace a few blocks. It may seem like a light entertainment game, but when you immerse yourself in complex puzzles, it can be mind-blowing. Overall, Hexa Sort is still a useful, entertaining game that helps stimulate the brain. It’s no coincidence that such a simple game has more than 5 million players!

Colorful Puzzles

From the start of the game, you are greeted with a bright and colorful space filled with stacked hexagonal blocks. In the early levels, there are only a few blocks with few colors for you to experience and get used to the gameplay. While the gameplay of Hexa Sort is very simple and easy to understand, don’t be fooled by that simplicity. The later levels will truly challenge your brain.

As you progress, the puzzles become more difficult with larger playing areas and many blocks in various colors. The blocks will be mixed with colors, making it challenging to find reasonable positions to place the blocks properly. Blocks of the same color, when placed next to each other, will stack into one. However, a certain number of blocks must be stacked for them to disappear. You may feel overwhelmed in levels with countless blocks arranged haphazardly in advance, requiring careful calculation for every move.

Use Boosters

Sometimes you will get stuck on extremely challenging levels or put yourself in a difficult position by misplacing a few blocks. To help you avoid feeling helpless in front of colorful blocks, Hexa Sort provides support tools to help you escape difficult situations. You can use a hammer to destroy a specific block or swap positions between blocks. However, the number of support tools is limited and needs to be unlocked at higher levels, so use them wisely.

Some levels do not allow the use of support tools. Therefore, you must be very careful with every action. Start with areas with simple shapes or remove blocks with few colors first. This strategy will give you more space to deal with more complex blocks. Passing levels will help you build islands and buildings from these colorful blocks. Although they don’t have much effect, they are proof that you have overcome difficult levels.

Develop Logical Thinking

Hexa Sort’s puzzles can be challenging, but they significantly improve your brain function. To solve these puzzles, you need to concentrate, think logically, and visualize the outcomes. Therefore, even children playing Hexa Sort will develop their intelligence and understanding of geometry and colors. This game is extremely useful and completely safe for children.

Those with OCD may also love this game. Although seeing mixed colors can be annoying, watching blocks of the same color line up and disappear provides a perfectly satisfying feeling. It helps improve your brain function and relieve stress, making Hexa Sort more than enough for a simple game.

Graphics and Sound

From the moment you start playing, Hexa Sort attracts you with its gentle and pleasant graphics and sound. Although it has classic puzzle gameplay, the game boasts smooth 3D graphics combined with colorful images. Sometimes those colorful blocks can be stressful, but the soothing sound effects help you calm down and overcome challenges. It’s stressful, but believe me, the combination of graphics and sound will provide you with memorable moments of entertainment.

MOD APK version of Hexa Sort

To overcome difficult levels with many colors, you need to use the support of Booster. We will help you feel more comfortable when using Booster regardless of the number of Boosters you own.

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins

You can use coins to buy Boosters, even if you don’t have enough coins.

Download for Android Hexa Sort MOD APK

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