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Nov 27, 2016
July 16, 2024
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APK (All Unlocked) v1.61.3
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Hill Climb Racing 2 is the next version of Hill Climb Racing, the favorite off-road racing game by 100 milions players. The main game is the story about the journey to conquer each type of terrain of the main character Newton Bill, a guy with an intense passion for off-road racing, with a burning dream of conquering the highest hills in the world!

About Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 mod APK is a physics-based racing game that takes players on a thrilling journey through challenging terrains and dynamic environments. Known for its simple yet engaging mechanics, the game is designed to be accessible to players of all ages while offering enough depth to keep them coming back for more. The sequel builds upon the success of the original game, introducing new features, vehicles, and multiplayer elements.

Physics-Based Racing

The core gameplay revolves around mastering the physics of driving across uneven terrains. Players control various vehicles, from motorcycles and dune buggies to monster trucks, each with its unique handling characteristics. Navigating hills, valleys, and challenging landscapes requires a combination of skillful driving and understanding the physics of the game.

Single-Player Adventure

Hill Climb Racing 2 features an extensive single-player adventure mode with a series of challenging levels and diverse environments. Players embark on a journey through various landscapes, including snowy mountains, deserts, forests, and more. Each level presents unique challenges, such as steep hills, loops, and obstacles, testing the player’s driving skills and vehicle control.

Vehicle Customization

The game introduces a robust vehicle customization system, allowing players to upgrade and personalize their vehicles. Players can use in-game currency to improve their vehicle’s engine, suspension, tires, and more. Customizing vehicles not only enhances their performance but also adds a layer of strategy as players adapt their rides to different terrains and challenges.

Competitive Multiplayer

One of the standout features of Hill Climb Racing 2 is its competitive multiplayer mode. Players can challenge their friends or other players globally in real-time races. The multiplayer mode introduces an exciting element of competition, as players strive to reach the finish line before their opponents while dealing with the unpredictable physics and terrain.

Clubs and Team Events

The game incorporates a social aspect through the introduction of clubs. Players can join or create clubs with friends or other players, fostering a sense of community within the game. Club members can participate in team events and challenges, working together to achieve common goals and earn rewards. This collaborative feature adds a layer of teamwork to the competitive racing experience.

Live Events and Challenges

Hill Climb Racing 2 keeps players engaged with regular live events and challenges. These events often feature time-limited tracks, special vehicles, and unique rewards. Participating in these events adds variety to the gameplay, offering players new opportunities to earn in-game currency, unlock vehicles, and showcase their skills in unique scenarios.

Diverse Vehicle Collection

The game boasts an extensive collection of vehicles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. From motorcycles and rally cars to monster trucks and tanks, players can unlock and choose from a variety of vehicles, each providing a different racing experience. The diverse vehicle selection adds replay value as players experiment with different rides.

Visual and Audio Experience

Hill Climb Racing 2 is praised for its charming and colorful visuals. The game features vibrant landscapes, detailed vehicles, and smooth animations, contributing to an immersive gaming experience. The upbeat soundtrack and sound effects enhance the overall atmosphere, providing an enjoyable auditory backdrop to the racing action.

In-App Purchases and Progression

While the game is free to play, Hill Climb Racing 2 includes in-app purchases that allow players to acquire in-game currency, gems, and other items. The progression system is designed to be rewarding for both free-to-play and paying players. Skillful driving and successful completion of challenges contribute to the progression, ensuring a fair and balanced experience for all players.

Regular Updates and Community Interaction

Fingersoft actively supports Hill Climb Racing 2 with regular updates. These updates introduce new content, including vehicles, levels, and features, based on player feedback and emerging trends. The development team engages with the player community through social media, forums, and in-game events, creating a collaborative relationship between developers and players.

Offline and Online Accessibility

Hill Climb Racing 2 is designed to be accessible both online and offline. While the multiplayer mode requires an internet connection, players can enjoy the single-player adventure and certain features without needing to be online. This flexibility caters to a diverse player base with varying connectivity preferences.

Global Leaderboards and Achievements

For those seeking a competitive edge, Hill Climb Racing 2 features global leaderboards. Players can compete for top positions in various categories, adding a global competitive element to the game. Achievements and challenges further motivate players to master the game’s mechanics and showcase their skills.


In conclusion, Hill Climb Racing 2 stands as a testament to the success of mobile gaming, offering a delightful and engaging racing experience for players of all ages. With its intuitive gameplay, competitive multiplayer mode, vehicle customization options, and regular updates, the game has become a staple in the mobile gaming landscape. Whether players seek thrilling races against friends, challenging single-player adventures, or the satisfaction of upgrading and customizing their vehicles, Hill Climb Racing 2 continues to captivate audiences and remains a beloved title in the realm of mobile racing games.

MOD APK version of Hill Climb Racing 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increases when you spend.

How to not receive new version update notifications?

Please disconnect from the internet before opening the game.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 APK & MOD for Android

Hill Climb Racing is an interesting game that helps you satisfy your passion for driving, model racing, and experience the most advanced features of modern vehicle systems. This is a great game that you should take the time to experience!

What's new

Garage Editor
Community Track Events
Classic vehicle order as an option for the garage
New cup: Gladiator's Gauntlet
Localization improvements
Various bug fixes



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