Honkai Impact 3 MOD APK Unlimited Skills

MOD APK (MENU, Unlimited Skills) v7.2.0
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Jan 19, 2024
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MOD APK (MENU, Unlimited Skills) v7.2.0
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Honkai Impact 3 comes from miHoYo Limited, the developer of the globally famous anime RPG game, Genshin Impact. Inheriting a beautiful graphic style, rich open world and legendary female warrior characters full of personality, Honkai Impact 3 got off to a good start. As for whether the game really suits your playstyle, it probably depends on each person’s own perspective.

About Honkai Impact 3

ARPG game with a beautiful open world!


Players of Honkai Impact 3 will be transported into the world of Valkyrie, becoming part of the battle against the evil Honkai forces. The game tells about the persistent battle journey between 3 powerful female warriors and the fierce Honkai army and beasts, who are trying to take over and destroy the magical land of Valkyrie.

This seemingly unequal battle can go to the final victory? Or will the 3 female warriors also have the same dismal ending with this land? You will get the answer when fighting hard in Honkai Impact 3.

Attractive role-playing element

The role-playing element in Honkai Impact 3 is very clear. As one of the three goddesses of the land, you inherit all the unique characteristics of each goddess. Each of them has their own physique, personality, abilities and fighting skills. Knowing each one will give you greater freedom to switch, and find a way to lock down the power of your enemies by bringing out the right goddess in each situation.

After the battle, the characters will be upgraded and strengthened through weapon enhancement, skill expansion, new combos, and magical items on the battlefield. The skill of each character is also uniquely designed, with depth and true to the character’s own personality. As you progress, the AI enemies also progress and become more aggressive in size, ability, and number. The upward journey of the goddesses is therefore always meaningful, creating countless motivations for players to seek higher realms. Because if not, the wave of enemies in front of you will quickly destroy you.

Each character will have many levels of progress from low to high, the highest of which is the S – Dreamweaver level. Each level, along with its own attributes, will open you up to many different new possibilities. For example, the character ST with the Robot attribute, will have the ability to summon Form Seeds, and then unlock the next Killer move to summon the Soul Entity that helps you a lot in the melee phase.

Epic fighting, fierce slashing

Players will start with the journey of 3 female gods Kiana, Mei and Bronya of the Valkyrie land. Along with them, you will travel through strange lands of the world, uncover countless secrets and fight endlessly to restore the peace of the Valkyrie’s golden age.

The player will hear a voice of a character named Chan. Chan acts as a guide, helping you know what to do next task or where to go so as not to get lost.

Thus, the core of Honkai Impact 3 consists of 2 parts: exploration and combat.

With combat battles, the general rule is that two factions fight each other until one of them runs out of HP and loses. To win, you must use all your skills, spells and combos skillfully. Mastering the virtual joystick, understanding the character’s personality and special abilities, and constantly testing new combos will be what you need to do before going into countless fierce battles.

Honkai Impact 3, to give players more life chances, has introduced a new feature called Evade. You will use this Evade button to escape from the enemy in front of you, but each time using this method will also take a long cooldown, and can only be used once at a time.

The feeling of chopping and slashing in the battle screens of Honkai Impact 3 is also quite impressive. Magic moves light up the screen, champions can deal terrible blows to their enemies. The animation techniques are delicately designed by the game in every detail. Even if you are a hardcore player, you will soon be satisfied with the fighting phases in the game.

MOD APK version of Honkai Impact 3

MOD features

  • MENU
  • Unlimited Skills

Download Honkai Impact 3 APK & MOD for Android

Honkai Impact 3 currently has 37 chapters for you to exlore. And this number will continue to grow in the future, along with a series of events that continuously take place according to the time of year. With captivating 3D graphics, fast-paced slashing gameplay and engaging characters, the open-world ARPG game Honkai Impact 3 is something you should experience to understand the depth of a modern role-playing game.

What's new

v7.2 is updated! New S-rank battlesuit Fenghuang of Vicissitude debuts!
Main story Part 2 warm-up begins! Play to get Crystals and more!
Featured event Wild Phoenix Chase is available! Play the event to get Reverist Calico's new outfit, Crystals and more!



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