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Sep 24, 2023
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1.16.50 Unlimited Minutes
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IndyCall is an application which you can use to call anyone, your friend or loved one in India from anywhere in the world. You have indy minutes which can be used to call anywhere in India. You need to call a few times to get connected with the user.

Just use your phone book and maje sure you have +91 dialled before the phone number. Then proceed an ad to get connected with anyone in India. You have now India just a click away. Connect with anyone for free without spending a penny.

IndyCall has limited call duration time. More call duration time can be purchased by getting more indy minutes. You can also get free indy minutes by watching ads. You can any register any number of your choice you want to. Don’t worry of any impeachment by any of developer. It is a very safe app to use. Pakistan has restrictions of using this application. But, don’t worry. This application is mow available on our website which you can download and use without any problem.

What is IndyCall Apk?

IndyCall apk is normal download version. In this version you can avail free indy minutes and you can use those indy minutes to call in any city within Indian Territory. Just select the number in phonebook. Dial the code and get connected for free. Get free indy minutes by watching several ads and accomplishing tasks. If you keep on doing tasks. You keep on winning free minutes. So, get the IndyCall now on your phone for free.

What is IndyCall Mod Apk?

IndyCall mod apk is the premium version of the application. In this version you don’t have any advertisement or tasks to do. You just have to use it without any hassles and the best part is, you have unending indy minutes. Indy minutes to be used for call duration and it comes at no cost at all. All of it has been made free in this application and download now.

Can we Call other than India via IndyCall?

No, we can not call any other country via IndyCall. It is free and available only to call in Indian territories. This is the best free calling app which can be used from anywhere in the world.

Can we call in Occupied Kashmir via IndyCall?

Yes, we can call in the occupied Kashmir as well. IndyCall developers has also linked up the network in Occupied India as well as the remotest part.

Can we call in Leh region as well via IndyCall?

Leh is the remotest part of India near Ladakh. We can use Indycall to call even there. This is accessible everywhere in India. So you don’t have to worry about any call restrictions. All you and your receiver has to have a good mobile network coverage and you’re good to call anyone.


Safe Calling

All around the world. This is a big problem that people are not trusting the apps because of cyber security. Cyber security is the worse element on internet. These internet invaders track and record calls. Don’t worry, safe calling is the first priority of IndyCall. This application ensures the best possible call security and it’s end to end encrypted. This is very safe application with no one hearing to your calls. You are free to talk anything.

Real Time Calling

If you are calling, you will not have any Call delays or call lags. Your connectivity will be 100%  real time. You have to call couple of times to get connected though. Once you are connected in a good network and server. Enjoy high quality lag free call service for free. Just get your phone charged up and you have let them call on it for as long as you want.

High Definition Sound Quality

Don’t worry about bad quality of call. You are going to love this application just because of its best call service and high definition call sound system. These calls are enhanced by best servers and outcome is really high definition even better than internet calling and other simcard phone calling. It is just like you are talking via most clearest communication device. It is better than any other calling device. Just dial in and enjoy calling to anyone.

Easy To Call

This call is very easy to call. You just have to dial +91 before every call. If you have number in your phonebook.  Just add that +91 before it. You start dialling it and then proceed ad to get connected. You need to do calling process a number of times before it gets connected once you connect it, it’s all good and no distractions or disturbance.

Mod Features

Unlimited Free Indy Minutes

In mod version, you have countless unlimited indy minutes which you can use to call. You don’t have to watch ads to earn more and more minutes. These minutes can be used for unlimited call duration. Call duration depends upon these features and once we have it. We can get it done.

No Ads

Ads are used to get free indy minutes. Each indy minutes has its own duration of call. You can increase by using ads. But, this mod features has eliminated all the ads from it. What now? This mod has so many indy minutes which you can redeem to call anyone in India. This is the only app which has countless on call free hours to use contacting anyone in India.


IndyCall application is available to download and it is used to call in India. This is the only app available which is used to call for free in Indian territories. All calls have been made free which depends upon Indy Minutes. The more minutes you have, the more duration you can use to talk. You can watch ads to get free minutes and purchase minute so you can eliminate all the duration and ads restrictions. IndyCall has features of call recording as well, Moreover, you can have the best call quality without any distortion because you are using internet connectivity alongside your phone network connectivity.


Q. How many free minutes do we have in IndyCall mod apk?

We can unlimited free Indy Minutes available. We can have countless call duration to call anywhere in the India from around the globe.

Q. Do we have to watch ads to get free Indy Minutes on IndyCall mod apk?

No, we don’t have to watch the ads to get indy minutes. All ads have already been opted out of mod version. Therefore, you don’t have to watch ads and you have unlimited free minutes.


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