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MOD APK (Unlocked Silver) v4.21.1
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May 26, 2010
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MOD APK (Unlocked Silver) v4.21.1
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In the dynamic world of navigation and outdoor exploration, Locus Map 4 stands out as a versatile and comprehensive application that redefines the way users interact with maps, navigate through diverse terrains, and plan their outdoor adventures. Developed by Asamm Software, Locus Map 4 encapsulates advanced mapping technologies, innovative features, and a user-friendly interface, making it an indispensable tool for hikers, bikers, geocachers, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

About Locus Map 4

Locus Map 4 represents the pinnacle of mapping and navigation apps, offering a robust set of features that cater to the needs of both casual users and seasoned adventurers. From real-time GPS tracking to detailed map customization, the app seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for individuals exploring both urban landscapes and remote wilderness.

Key Features

  1. Advanced Mapping Technology: At the core of Locus Map 4 is its advanced mapping technology, providing users with access to high-quality maps sourced from various providers. Whether it’s topographic maps, satellite imagery, or open-source maps, the app offers a diverse range of options, ensuring that users can choose the most suitable maps for their specific activities.
  2. Offline Maps and Navigation: Locus Map 4 recognizes the importance of offline navigation, especially in areas with limited connectivity. Users can download maps for offline use, allowing them to navigate and explore even in remote locations without a data connection. The offline mode ensures uninterrupted navigation and map access, making it an ideal companion for off-the-grid adventures.
  3. Customizable Map Layers: The app empowers users with unparalleled map customization options. Locus Map 4 allows users to overlay various map layers, including contour lines, hillshades, and points of interest. The customizable map layers cater to the specific preferences and needs of users, enhancing the overall mapping experience.
  4. GPS Tracking and Navigation: Locus Map 4 leverages the power of GPS technology to provide real-time tracking and navigation. Users can plan routes, set waypoints, and receive turn-by-turn navigation guidance, transforming their smartphones into reliable navigation devices. The app’s accuracy ensures that users can confidently explore new terrains without the fear of getting lost.
  5. Geocaching Support: Geocachers find a dedicated ally in Locus Map 4, as the app seamlessly integrates geocaching features. Users can search for geocaches, view detailed information, and log their finds directly within the app. The inclusion of geocaching tools enhances the experience for treasure hunters and adds an extra layer of excitement to outdoor activities.
  6. Outdoor Activity Tracking: Locus Map 4 serves as a comprehensive fitness tracker for outdoor activities. Whether hiking, biking, or running, users can record and analyze their routes, distances, and elevation profiles. The app captures essential fitness metrics, allowing users to monitor their progress and performance over time.
  7. Augmented Reality (AR) Navigation: The app introduces an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) navigation feature, elevating the navigation experience to a new level. Users can overlay route information and points of interest on their device’s camera view, providing a more immersive and intuitive navigation experience.
  8. Points of Interest (POI) Database: Locus Map 4 boasts an extensive Points of Interest (POI) database, enriching users’ exploration experiences. From landmarks and attractions to amenities and services, the app provides valuable information about the surroundings, enhancing the overall outdoor adventure.
  9. Community and Social Integration: Recognizing the importance of community engagement, Locus Map 4 integrates social features. Users can share their routes, geocaching finds, and outdoor experiences with the Locus Map community. The social integration fosters a sense of camaraderie among outdoor enthusiasts and provides a platform for sharing knowledge and recommendations.
  10. Weather Integration: Weather conditions play a crucial role in outdoor activities. Locus Map 4 incorporates real-time weather information, allowing users to stay informed about current conditions and make informed decisions based on the latest forecasts. The weather integration enhances safety and preparedness for outdoor adventures.
  11. Offline Track Recording and Planning: The app allows users to record tracks offline, ensuring that even in areas with no data connectivity, users can track their routes and plan new ones. This offline track recording feature adds a layer of convenience for users exploring remote or challenging terrains.

User-Friendly Interface

Locus Map 4 balances its advanced features with a user-friendly interface. The app’s layout is intuitive, with easy navigation through menus and settings. The user-friendly design ensures that both novice users and experienced adventurers can harness the app’s full potential without a steep learning curve.

Integration with External Devices

For users seeking a more comprehensive navigation experience, Locus Map 4 supports integration with external devices such as heart rate monitors, bike sensors, and other Bluetooth-enabled accessories. This integration enhances the app’s capabilities, making it a valuable tool for users with specific fitness or navigation requirements.

Regular Updates and Support

Asamm Software is committed to providing a top-tier user experience, and this commitment is evident in the app’s regular updates. The development team addresses bugs, introduces new features, and ensures compatibility with the latest operating systems, guaranteeing a reliable and up-to-date mapping solution for users.


In conclusion, Locus Map 4 stands as a beacon in the realm of navigation and mapping applications. Its combination of advanced features, customizable maps, and user-friendly design positions it as a versatile tool for a diverse range of users, from outdoor enthusiasts to professional navigators. As the app continues to evolve with updates and new features, it remains a trusted companion for those who seek to explore, navigate, and immerse themselves in the beauty of both urban and wilderness landscapes. Locus Map 4 not only facilitates efficient navigation but also enhances the overall outdoor experience, encouraging users to embark on new adventures with confidence and enthusiasm.

MOD APK version of Locus Map 4

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Locus Map 4 is a great combination of a map app and a workout app. You can use it to do many things such as going out, traveling or participating in cycling and long-distance running activities. Such a versatile application deserves a place in your collection right away, right?

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What's new

*** Locus Map 4.20 ***
- chg: various improvements of selected LoRouter profiles
- add: built-in Geocaching Live Map
- add: sharing a route plan directly from the route planner via URL to Locus Web
- and more



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