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Facebook is an app that everyone uses but if you want to contact people using Facebook then you should get the Messenger app. Because it allows you to send messages to different people easily and provides you with a lot of chat options. For example, you can have a video chat and a voice chat with your friends over messenger. You can even send message requests to different people with the help of this app.

It contains a lot of stickers and emojis that you can send to your friends. You can even use it as a default messaging app for your device. There is also a vanish mode that will help you to delete the messages automatically.

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Messenger is a messaging app and people mostly use it to connect with their Facebook friends. But you can also use it as a default messaging app. This app will help you to chat with friends in various ways. For example, you can have a video chat and a voice chat as well.  You can have different chat themes on messenger and send various stickers to your friends to make the conversation more enjoyable.

Features of Messenger APK

Connect with Facebook

You can connect Messenger with your Facebook account to get all your Facebook contacts on this app. It will make it very easy for you to connect with your Facebook friends, you can even use this app while doing some other work on your device.

Chat with friends

It is a messaging app and it will help you to chat with your friends. You can send text messages to your friends and can even have video calls with them over messenger.

Have Voice Calls

There is a voice call feature available on this app that will help you to contact your friends on messenger. You can even send them voice messages if you do not have enough time for a long conversation.

Vanish Mode

We often forget to delete a conversations and it creates a lot of problems but to avoid this situation, you can go for the vanish mode. The vanish mode will automatically delete all your messages.

Cute Stickers

There are a lot of cute stickers available in this app and you can send them to your friends to make your conversations more enjoyable.

Chat Themes

There are a lot of chat themes available that you can apply on different chats. These themes depend upon the different levels of friendship and you can apply them depending on it.

Create Groups

There is an option to create a group on the Messenger App where you can add a lot of your friends. In this way, you can have a group conversations, you can have group video calls and voice calls as well.

Customise Interface

There is an option to customise your interface. You can either go for a light theme or a dark theme on your messenger app.

Add Contacts

You can use it as a default messaging app and you can easily import all your mobile contacts on this app so that you can have a conversation with your friends.

Remove Ads

There is an option to remove all the ads from this app. But for this purpose, you have to buy the pro version of the Messenger App.

Why do people like Messenger Pro APK?

Messenger is popular among people because it allows people to connect with their friends. The pro version of this app provides you with a lot of customisations and it will also remove all the promotional ads that appear in this app.

Download Messenger Pro APK Latest Version 2022

If you download Messenger Pro APK latest version 2022 then you are going to have a lot of customisation themes and you can also get rid of the unwanted ads. But to get these privileges, you have to pay the subscription charges.

Messenger APK 2022 Download

There are a lot of new updates in the Messenger App. But to get all of them, you have to download Messenger APK 2022 from our website..

Downloading Messenger Pro APK

If you want to download Messenger Pro APK on your device then you can simply click on the link that is available in this article and after that, you can open your mobile downloads to access this apk file. Now, you can open this file and install it on your device to start using it.

Final Verdict

To make things easier, you can get the Messenger App. You can either use it as the default messaging app and can also connect with Facebook. But if you want to get some additional features, you can get the Pro version of Messenger App.


Q. Does Messenger provide you with filters?

Yes, Messenger App provides you with filters.

Q. Can I use Messenger for business purposes?

Yes, you can use messenger for business purposes.


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