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v2.2.1 MOD APK [All Planes Unlocked]
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Jul 23, 2019
Dec 22, 2023
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v2.2.1 MOD APK [All Planes Unlocked]
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Real Flight Simulator is one of the best and realistic flight simulator games on android. This game is for those who want to know about how an aircraft flies and how business runs in this industry. It has realistic and in-depth game elements which will show you small aspects of this aviation business. You can completely get access to an aircraft in the game and can fly over the space to discover air routes and more.

This flight simulator will help you to fly an aircraft with realistic graphics and controls. Plan your first flight and set a schedule to start your business. You need to be more professional in the game if you want to have real flight experience. Graphics are highly detailed and planes are designed so beautifully that they look just real. You will encounter real-time problems such as engine failure, thunderstorms, failures and many more. Further, we will discuss the main features of this game which you can use for free.

What is RFS APK?

Real Flight Simulator is an amazing flight game where you can prepare your first flight and fly around the globe as a pilot. This game follows all the real flight rules and techniques which you will learn in the game. There are so many amazing aircrafts available such as Boeing 737, 777 and Airbus A380. Get access to your own airport where you have to manage your business. Get experience in Air Traffic Controller and enjoy realistic game elements. You can service your aircraft and check the maintenance before flight to avoid any inconvenience.

What is RFS Mod APK?

Real Flight Simulator Mod is a modified version of the game where you will get unlimited money and unlocked content for free. You can use premium aircrafts and features without spending real money on it. All aircrafts are unlocked and parked at your airport. Get unlimited money to buy or modify your planes. All ads are removed and you can easily play this game offline without internet connection. Its mod is absolutely free to download from our site. Below are the main features of this awesome flight simulator game.

Airport Access

RFS is a game which provides full aviation experience from airport access to flying planes. You will get access to a fully functional airport where you can plan your first flight and set a schedule for your flight. Airport has an Air Traffic Controller tower and satellite imagery feature from where you can see your operated flights which are in the air. Airport has all the facilities such as a runway, towers, departure and arrival zone and many more. Realistic 3D buildings make the airport more amazing and modern.

Connect with ATC

Before going on a first flight, you can experience working with an Air Traffic Controller from where you can get information about the weather and complete a flight chart. You need an authorized flight chart to fly a plane. Collect necessary information such as estimated time, required ground speed, weather conditions, minimum and maximum flight level and more. Establish a connection with the Air Traffic Controller during flight otherwise you cannot fly a plane. Communication is easy in the game and keeps connected with the ATC to get necessary information during flight.

Aircraft Maintenance

RFS provides a complete flight gaming experience with realistic game elements. You can check your aircraft maintenance before flight in order to avoid any kind of disaster. Check the fuel and load capacity of your aircraft and perform a complete maintenance service before flight. Perform different checks to ensure that everything is working perfectly fine in an aircraft. Check the aircraft instruments such as Speed metre, Navigation system, Artificial Horizon and more.

Full Aircraft Control

Experience full control over your aircraft during flight. You can control all the instruments with an in-depth controlling system. Your aircraft will have a complete advanced multi-panel system including all necessary instruments. Check map, engines, fuel, indicated air speed, altimeter, AGL and many more. You can use an instrument landing system in bad weather or you can visually land during sunny weather. Easily control your aircraft in air and use navigation to reach the right destination. You can easily use the main throttle, flaps, rudder, ailerons, brakes, landing gear, pushback and more.


Customization makes it more interesting and fun because you can change the scenarios according to your desire. You can easily make changes during flight and customise some different items to create different situations. You can customise your fuel, passenger and total plane load to experience certain changes on aircraft. Change the weather system immediately and get affected by weather to handle the panic situation. This flight simulator will help you to face different panic situations you can have during flight.

Multiplayer Mode

Real Flight Simulator is an amazing game for aircraft and aviation lovers. You can easily connect with other players around the world in multiplayer mode. Participate in events and deliver passengers to different destinations. Get into 40,000 flights daily and interact with other pilots in the game. You can also chat with other players around the world and share your flight experience. This game is absolutely free to play on all android devices.

Unlocked Planes

RFS is a top flight simulator game with lots of amazing planes to fly. You can see all the popular and advanced aircrafts from Boeing and Airbus are available in the game. This mod version of the game has unlocked planes. All planes are fully unlocked and accessible for free. You do not need to purchase any plane in order to fly. Simply select the plane from parking and set a flight plan for scheduled flight. You can customise all the planes accordingly.

Disabled Ads

The best thing in this mod version is that all ads are completely removed. You can easily enjoy clean gameplay without viewing any banner or video ad. It is an absolutely free and safe game to download and play on any android device. Experience 3D graphics with a highly detailed atmosphere. This game does not ask for unusual permission and you can easily play it without data connection.


RFS is a 3D flight simulator game where you can fly realistic planes. Experience a fully functional airport where you can see buildings and other airport tracks. There are so many famous planes in the game designed perfectly. Create a flight plan and schedule your flight in the game. Do plane maintenance and customise it in the air to create different situations. Play multiplayer mode and chat with other game fellows. You can easily comment your thoughts on this game version using the comment section.

What's new

- New follow me car: A new system guiding pilots between runway and gate, equipped with aircraft marshals to help you park perfectly!
- New global snow effect: A new snow effect applied to the whole scenery. The effect is subject to various environmental settings such as temperature, altitude and latitude!
- The marshaler bought a Christmas hat
- Enhanced HD airport labeling on preflight map
- Fixed bug where rain appeared too frequently as real weather
- Bug fixes



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