Stumble Guys APK MOD Unlocked Skins

APK v0.73 + MOD (Unlocked Skins)
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Sep 24, 2020
Jun 13, 2024
APK v0.73 + MOD (Unlocked Skins)
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Stumble Guys Mod APK is a friendly Battle Royale-based game with a hilarious and enjoyable atmosphere while immersing players in endless entertainment of competitions between players on obstacle-filled maps and racing courses.

About Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a fun and chaotic multiplayer party game that combines elements of platforming, obstacle courses, and battle royale. Developed by Kitka Games, Stumble Guys offers an exciting and challenging gaming experience for players of all ages.


In Stumble Guys, players control cute and clumsy characters known as “Stumblers” who compete against each other in a series of obstacle-filled races. The goal is to be the last Stumbler standing and reach the finish line first. The game features a variety of wacky and unpredictable challenges, including moving platforms, swinging hammers, giant rolling balls, and more. Players must navigate through these obstacles, avoid pitfalls, and outmaneuver other players to secure victory.

Multiplayer Mayhem

Stumble Guys is primarily designed as a multiplayer game, supporting both online and local multiplayer modes. Players can compete against friends or players from around the world in real-time. The game features a matchmaking system that ensures balanced and competitive matchups, making each race intense and thrilling.

Customization and Unlockables

The game offers a range of customization options to personalize your Stumbler. Players can choose from a variety of hilarious outfits, hats, and accessories to give their character a unique appearance. Additionally, as players progress and earn in-game currency, they can unlock additional customization options, including different skins and emotes, allowing for further individualization.

Power-ups and Boosts

Throughout the races, players can collect power-ups and boosts that provide temporary advantages. These power-ups can range from speed boosts to protective shields, helping players overcome obstacles or hinder their opponents. Timing and strategic usage of these power-ups can make a significant difference in the outcome of a race.

Seasonal Events and Challenges

Stumble Guys features regular seasonal events and challenges that introduce new levels, game modes, and rewards. These events keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, offering players new experiences and goals to strive for. Players can participate in limited-time events, complete challenges, and earn exclusive rewards, adding a sense of progression and accomplishment.

Social Features

The game includes social features that allow players to connect and interact with friends and other players. Players can form teams, compete together, and communicate through in-game chat or emoticons. The social aspect adds to the fun and competitiveness of the game, fostering a sense of community among players.

Vibrant Visuals and Lively Soundtrack

Stumble Guys features vibrant and colorful graphics that create a visually appealing and lively game world. The character designs are cute and charming, adding to the overall charm of the game. The upbeat and energetic soundtrack complements the gameplay, enhancing the excitement and immersive experience.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Stumble Guys supports cross-platform play, allowing players on different devices to compete against each other. Whether playing on mobile devices or PC, players can join the same races and enjoy the multiplayer action together, regardless of their preferred platform.

In summary, Stumble Guys is an entertaining and fast-paced multiplayer party game that combines platforming, obstacle courses, and battle royale elements. With its challenging races, multiplayer mayhem, customization options, power-ups, seasonal events, social features, vibrant visuals, and lively soundtrack, Stumble Guys offers an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience. Whether you’re competing against friends or challenging players worldwide, the game promises fun-filled and unpredictable races as you stumble your way to victory.

MOD APK version of Stumble Guys

MOD feature

  • Unlocked Skins


  • Is Stumble Guys free?

Currently, you can download and experience Stumble Guys for free with most operating systems. However, if you want to equip more attractive costumes, hats, and hair for your character, you can refer to the items in the game. The price per item ranges from $0.99 to $49.99.

  • What are the disadvantages of Stumble Guys?

Besides the rich gameplay along with attractive character creation to help players have interesting moments of entertainment, Stumble Guys still has some disadvantages that need to be overcome.
The number of maps is limited, in many cases, these maps are repeated. This will cause boredom for players.
The game uses fun, lively graphics and character simulations. Therefore, for the best experience and no lag, you should equip a machine with the appropriate configuration, with Stumble Guys, the game requires a 5.1 operating system or higher.
Although this game can be played in combination with 31 other players around the world. But if it can’t find enough real players, the system will create bots on its own. In many cases, bots almost fill the rooms. However, this can be considered a potential game and will certainly develop in the future. If the number of players is rich, the number of bots will be reduced and bring more interesting things to users.

Download Stumble Guys APK & MOD for Android

Although there are still some disadvantages that need to be overcome by Kitka Games, the success of the first product Stumble Guys will certainly help this manufacturer develop more in the next titles. If you need a fun entertaining game after hours of studying and working hard, then Stumble Guys will not disappoint you. Hope the above article has helped you get more necessary information about Stumble Guys, what are you waiting for, download and experience it now.

What's new

What’s new in version 0.63.2:
Run through the maze in the new ‘Pac-Man Power’ map and collect as many items as possible before running out of lives
Mind your steps in our tricky elimination map ‘Acid Pool’ - no falling allowed!
New feature: easily locate and obtain your favorite cosmetics in the customize screen
Shield yourself with the special ‘Force Shield’ emote
Explore our store for weekly offers
Server updates and general bug fixes


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