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v1.4.3 Unlimited Tickets
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Underworld Office is an interactive novel game for mobile devices that immerses players in an afterlife filled with small ghostly stories that impact a child’s life on earth. Despite its eerie theme, the game is surprisingly touching and offers a unique, interactive storytelling experience.

Introduction to Underworld Office!

Why Are Interactive Novels So Popular on Mobile?

Interactive novels give players control over the plot and the story’s ending. With multiple choices at your disposal, you can shape your own narrative, reflecting your attitude and lifestyle. Playing a visual novel game involves following the plot, taking on the character’s role, and making choices in various situations. It’s like reading a novel, but with the power to direct the story’s outcome.

Visual novels are popular on mobile platforms because they provide an engaging and immersive experience. You get to read, see details, and become part of a good story, deciding how it ends in the simplest way possible.

If you’re looking for an interactive novel game with a mysterious and highly interactive story, Underworld Office is a perfect choice.

Horror Story with an Innocent and Touching Twist

Underworld Office masterfully combines creepy moments with innocent, touching episodes. The game’s contrasting elements create an engaging experience within its dark, horror-themed setting.

The story begins with the main character, Eugene, a depressed boy with a peculiar temperament. One day, Eugene accidentally falls into a ghost world and is attacked by a monster. He is saved by a mysterious ghost who asks Eugene to temporarily leave the earth and work at the Underworld Office in return for saving his life.

In the Underworld Office, Eugene meets various ghosts, listens to their stories, and helps solve their issues. Through these encounters, Eugene gradually realizes his own problems and learns what he needs to do to return to his previous life. The outcome depends on the choices you make throughout the game.

The Charm of Underworld Office

Underworld Office stands out not only because of its quirky story but also its unique graphic style. The game features a dark background with hot colors, reminiscent of the ghost world. The artwork varies from detailed drawings to impromptu doodles, creating an abstract yet realistic visual experience.

The storytelling in Underworld Office is compelling. Through quick, short dialogues, more details unfold naturally, blending humor, poetic moments, and emotional depth. The game leaves a lasting impression with its profound human meanings.

The game introduces players to an afterlife with 40 unique animations and 150 illustrations. Your mission is to enjoy this world, explore its 25 story sections, and appreciate its 60 beautiful illustrations. With seven different endings to discover, each playthrough offers a new perspective and outcome.

Cute but Emotional Missions

Under the guidance of the Demon Boss, who saved Eugene, you will work in the underworld office. Each ghost visitor brings a unique story and tasks to complete. The missions, though set in a dark world, are often endearing, like helping a ghost find a lost cat.

However, some choices are more complex and challenging, such as deciding whether to help a ghost stalk her husband or assist another character. These dilemmas create tension between reason and conscience, adding depth to the gameplay.

Through these tasks, Eugene evolves from a depressed boy with psychological issues to a more open and brave individual. By helping others, he discovers his own thoughts and feelings, leading to personal growth.

MOD APK version of Underworld Office!

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Underworld Office offers a unique blend of horror, emotion, and interactive storytelling. With its engaging plot, distinctive graphics, and touching missions, the game provides a captivating experience for players. Dive into the ghostly world of Underworld Office, make your choices, and discover the different endings in this extraordinary interactive novel game.

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