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1.86.0 Unlimited Money And Gold
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Are you searching an action game on the internet with awesome features but unable to find that game in which you can get all qualities? Then no worries because this time you are at the right place. This article has that game for you whose name is zombie hunter which is worldwide famous because more than 50 million people have downloaded this game.

In this game you have to stop zombie apocalypse and for this purpose you will get multiple weapons so you have to shoot them in order to survive in this game otherwise they will kill you. There will be many different zombies which means you have to be very active because you don’t know from where they are coming.

This game has huge map with many different location and you have to clear entire by killing zombies one by one. Make sure to visit all location otherwise they will infect more people with their virus. You will never face slow speed or lagging issue while running this game as it is completely optimized.

What is zombie hunter apk?

Zombie hunter is a first person shooting action game in which you have to target zombies because they are trying to take over entire city so you are the only hope of your people. You have face them with courage to destroy zombies. This game has standard version on internet which is free to download that means anyone can enjoy this game because it is free. This game also has vip items which you can purchase.

What zombie hunter mod apk?

Zombie hunter game also comes in modified version in which you will get unlimited money that you can use to purchase all your favorite weapons from store without any problem. You will also get the access on all vip items and features without spending because this mod version never asks for the money for these premiums. All kind of ads will be blocked so you will never get interrupted while playing in this version.

Is zombie hunter free to download?

Yes! zombie hunter game is free which means you don’t have to pay for this game to get in your device.

Can I play zombie hunter offline?

Yes! zombie hunter game supports offline where you can play this game anytime without internet connection.

Does zombie hunter have multiplayer online mode?

No! in this game you will never get multiplayer mode because zombie hunter only have single player mode to play.


Shoot zombies

In this game to your town is under attack by the zombies and they are killing innocent people in massive amount so you have to take the responsibility to save them before it’s too late. You have to pick your weapons in this game to shoot these bloodthirsty zombies but it is not an easy task because they will be so much in amount that’s why you need to careful.

Protect your town

They are spreading in your entire town that’s why you have to visit every single location of your town to kill these zombies. You are the only one in this game protect the town from zombie apocalypse. You can use multiple weapons to kill these zombies but make sure to they fast in given time otherwise you will lose all your progress in this game. Fight against these zombies and protect your people.

Insane weapons

This game offers many crazy weapons which you can use to protect yourself from these deadly zombies. In this game you will get fully advanced weapons like fire gun, laser gun, ak47, m416, machine gun, grenades, time bomb and many other awesome weapons that you can use against them. These weapons are very powerful so try to unlock all of them and make your own powerful collection.

Advanced 3D graphics

Zombie hunter game has best graphics because it gives comes 3D view that’s why this game has best graphics. This game is fully detailed which is why while playing you will get realistic result from this game. There are many cool animations which you will see during play plus it has next level visual effects which makes this game more exciting. These high end graphics gives best gaming experience.

Play different missions

In this game you will get several missions which you can play to kill these zombies. In each missions you have to complete some conditions then you will be able to complete missions. After playing some missions you will notice that difficulty level is increasing which means you have to prepare yourself for these hurdles otherwise you won’t be able to stand in front of these deadliest zombies.


In this game you will also get this feature where you can enhance the power of your weapons but you need money to upgrade your weapons so for this purpose you have to play missions to get money. You can improve your all weapons by upgrading them and it is very important because weapons are the only way to fight against these zombies.

Mod Features

Unlimited free money

You will only get limited money in the start of zombie hunter game and after that you have to earn money by killing zombies. But in modded version of this game you are free to play this game according to your gameplay because you don’t need to earn money. In this version you will get free unlimited money that you can use to buy everything in this game.

God mode

In this version you will get this special feature which is called god mode and after having this mode in this game you will never lose your health. You will never get killed by these zombies after becoming immortal in this game. So if you also want to enjoy this game without dying then download it in mod version and get god mode in this game.

Free vip items

Zombie hunter game has vip items but in standard version these items will be locked so you have to purchase them with real money. But there are many people who cannot afford these items that’s why mod version is giving all these items for free in this game which means you don’t have to pay for these items. You will get all vip items for free which you can use anytime in this version.

Abs block

Zombie hunter game has many ads in simple version which you will see while playing but after getting this in mod version you will never see ads in this game. This version blocks all kind of ads so you will never get interrupted again while playing it. You can easily enjoy entire game without seeing ads only in this modded version.


Zombie hunter surely a great game to play with these premium features which gives best gaming experience that’s why it is highly recommended on the internet. So if you also want to take revenge from these zombies then download this game from our website. Play this game and save your people.


Q. How to get free unlimited money in zombie hunter?

To get unlimited free money in zombie hunter you have to download this game in mod version then you will get never ending money in this game for free.

Q. How to get vip items for free in zombie hunter?

You can download and install the mod version of zombie hunter game in your device then you will get all vip items in this game for free without purchasing them.

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