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v10 + MOD (Unlocked Levels)
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Aug 12, 2016
Jan 5, 2024
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v10 + MOD (Unlocked Levels)
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Car Driver 4 is a game specially designed for people who love parking challenges. It sounds simple, but after going through nearly 500 levels here, you will understand that parking is an art.

About Car Driver 4

Test your parking skills!

A new parking game

Parking is one of the important car driving skills. Parking properly not only helps the car avoid scratches and collisions with other people’s cars nearby but also helps you operate faster in situations where you need to get out of the car quickly. It is not a coincidence that driving and parking tests sometimes account for a very high percentage of points compared to the total score.

While many racing games diligently exploit the theme of driving, racing, or simulating steering wheel controls, there are a few games that focus on exploiting the small aspect just mentioned above – parking.

Car Driver 4 is one of the quality 3D parking games, challenging and constantly presenting you with different interesting parking scenarios, that you should try. The game is for people who want to challenge themselves with difficult parking levels from easy to increasingly difficult. Is this game easy, and is it too monotonous to play? The answer is found in the short review below.

Detailed real physics mechanism

When the car collides with the boundaries of the parking area, it will cause breakage, even scratches, loss of control, and loss of balance. When backing into a parking space, if you do not slow down and turn properly, you will also be pushed into another lane and at risk of unwanted collision with obstacles or nearby vehicles.

Every movement in Car Driver 4 is meticulously executed with highly realistic simulation physics. You will have to be more cautious and careful in each of your driving movements while performing parking tasks.

Dozens of vehicles are waiting

Car Driver 4 currently has nearly 10 types of realistic cars available, with more to come in the future. With each type of vehicle, you will deal with different sizes, stature, weights, and ways of moving quickly and slowly. When you achieve a certain level of achievement with a car, you will have the opportunity to unlock new car models and begin the journey of discovering your parking skills in a new way.

Highly realistic graphics

Car Driver 4 uses 3D graphics with classic retro colors, like coming out of the 90s, with strong tones, and high contrast, creating a strong, clear feeling in each scene.

With this graphic style, the game has quite successfully recreated many real-life car models, along with highly realistic sizes, operating methods, and engines, corresponding to the type of car you are driving. In this way, driving will be a lot of fun because players will find countless situations that they can encounter in real life, on the car they use every day.

7 themes with more than 500 small levels

Car Driver 4 does not offer complex maps but is grouped into 7 large themes. Each such theme belongs to different parking obstacles. Some themes use an overflowing parking lot to force you to grapple with reality as you weave your way inside these rows of cars, finding a safe parking spot for yourself. Another theme is a bit more theatrically challenging, presenting a long series of winding borders. You must pass these small roads before safely reaching your parking area.

Each theme is divided into many small levels with levels from easy to difficult. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted and then slowly increase your parking skills as the game levels become more and more sophisticated. Thereby parking will be much more skillful every day.

MOD APK version of Car Driver 4

MOD feature

  • Unlocked Levels

Download Car Driver 4 APK & MOD for Android

Car Driver 4 is part of the parking game series and is quite popular with mobile players. If you always have trouble parking, it’s time to test your parking skills to find a way to solve parking difficulties in real life.

What's new

Bugs fixed.



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