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Case Simulator 2 is a great test system for opening case that you can use to recreate this undertaking outside the genuine game. This application is ideal for the individuals who need to take a stab but don’t have any desire to spend their cash, as you can partake in the excitement of opening an endless number of various cases without sprinkling the money.

Case Simulator II is unimaginably clear

The ongoing interaction in Case Simulator II is unimaginably clear: you should simply choose the sort of case that you need to open, then, at that point, pause for a minute and partake in the excitement of the live roulette. The cases open consequently in Case Simulator 2, so you don’t have to burn through cash on keys to open them. Very much like in Counter-Strike, here you can see the weapons and defensive layer wheel turn until it lands on a thing. In the event that you’re fortunate, you may get a red, or even gold, thing.

Popular Contracts Tabs

Every one of the weapons that you open go directly to your inventory. Here, you can observe the popular Contracts tab, where you can exchange ten weapons of a similar shading for a superior one, which will permit you to ascend through the levels until you acquire the most astounding things.

Advantages of Case Simulator 2

One of the advantages of Case Simulator II is that you can pick any of the thirty-four cases in the game. On account of this framework, you can open old weapons and the most recent augmentations, steadily developing a broad Inventory that incorporates things as of now not found in the game.

Download Case Simulator 2 and find every one of the various capacities while you open Counter-Strike cases without spending a penny. Partake in the game’s most amazing skins and play around with the weapons and defensive layer roulette without failing, on account of this test system.

Case Simulator II gives players a huge load of opinions, be it the experience of opening the secret box or the weapons that will overwhelm us. This is a state-of-the-art proliferation game that unites parts together to make a shocking wilderness exercise center for players to experience. Even more expressly, the full update notwithstanding new component parts makes a component that rules the extra blemishes. Be the owner of those significant things and take the full organization.

Modern Elements for Players

Once more case Simulator 2 makes players wobble by its significance. The game has a mix of current parts that have made an absolute whole that makes players seem, by all accounts, to be overwhelmed. The advantage of this game is that it quickly and successfully wins players’ trust and thusly develops even more immovably to the extent that construction and content.
Players will guarantee all of the assets that ought to be apparent in the game, and each case contains stunning things that will be uncovered accordingly. Even more essentially, when the game producers know how to enliven players’ advantage by expecting things and assuming they construe precisely, there will be rewards. The uniqueness this time is only available in Case Simulator II, and we can with huge exertion find it somewhere else.

Openly Categorized Weapon Boxes

We are apparently lowered in an outdated fortune that accumulates all of the world’s most noteworthy weapons, support, or vehicles. Bit by bit, the things will uncover and make more intensity for players than any time in ongoing memory. Have you seen the things now? Does the thing make you delighted or not? The game will answer all through the check box opening class.

We have felt charmed just focusing on it, also when the experience is sure that everyone will appreciate. Step by step the things will be opened in a substitute arrangement. There are many rooms in the fortune, and each room contains a single weapon, in light of everything. They are being coordinated according to an outer point of view to inside to make a complete whole is the way Case Simulator II won players’ trust by being awesome and deliberate.

Great Majesty and Vastness of Weapons for Players

Exactly when we lose all ability to know east from west in a weapon room, the guns will be carefully taken care of in a holder and our task is to find the code to open that case. Hardships will be given to set us up in the excellencies of sympathy, troublesome work, and constancy. Directly following opening that box, we get to guarantee that thing again and can permit this secret space to save it for us. This forms our ability to have as well as keeps us away from being taken.

Through this, Case Simulator II has constantly shown us the limitlessness and greatness of the weapons. Players will be constantly wild and will feel strengthened when they have vanquished and had that remarkable weapon. Many stimulating things will be revealed in the game, and simply individuals who research can totally fathom those highlights. Be the tracker to observe anything that few things might be permitted to enroll on the world gold board for yourself.


Q. Is this version of Case Simulator have a variety of weapons?

Yes, this mod version of Case Simulator has a great variety of the latest weapons. You can enjoy fights by opening new, expensive, and latest weapons.

Q. Can I share the latest weapons with my friends or teammates?

Yes, you can share the latest weapons with your friends and teammates. Moreover, you can have a variety of collections of rare things that you can sell and offer their auctions.

What's new

• Updated item prices
• Added Kilowatt Case
• Added new Kukri Knives


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