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v1.7.14 Mod
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There are many racing games available on the Internet and the reason is that a lot of people love to play racing games and it is a very popular and famous category which is loved by millions of people from all over the world.

Crash of Cars Mod Apk is a fabulous car racing game which has lots of fans from all over the world and it has also been downloaded by a lot of people. You can enjoy your gameplay by playing with these exciting and amazing cars virtually. You can get the feel of driving a real sports car through your Android device. It will be a great opportunity for you to play with your friends because of the big roads. You cannot get your racing cars and then play with friends but here in this game you will be having the opportunity to Virtually get your friends in the game.

Crash of Cars Mod Apk has lots of amazing and outstanding features that will blow your mind and you will love the interface of the game because it consists of many heavy and sports cars. The players who do not find it easy or convenient to play the game in online mode can easily play this game in the offline mode

What is Crash of Cars Apk?

In Crash of Cars Apk you can upgrade your cars and can change them in the way you want. It will be up to you how you want to customize your car. You have to use good quality cars and you also have to earn enough money so that you can upgrade your cars with the passage of time so that they remain in good form. You will enjoy completing the missions and every mission will be a great opportunity for you and will also motivate you to go to the other levels to discover more missions because missions are the main reason for players’ addiction and people love to play those games that are having plenty of missions and challenges.

What is Crash of Cars Mod Apk?

Crash of Cars Mod Apk will provide you limitless money that you can use for buying the sports cars and also for upgrading them. You will also get lots of gold and you can use this gold for various purposes and it will also be a good addition to your game.

Is Crash of Cars Mod Apk multiplayer?

Yes, Crash of Cars Mod Apk is a great multiplayer game.

Can I play Crash of Cars Mod Apk in offline mode?

Yes, you can play Crash of Cars Mod Apk in the offline mode.

What is the size of Crash of Cars Mod Apk?

Crash of Cars Mod Apk is 148 MB.


Unlock Lots of Cars with Distinctive Tiers

In Crash of Cars Mod Apk you can unlock lots of cars having different tyres. It will be a truly interesting game for you because you will be provided with many cars that are of unique designs. You can play with many sports cars that are the dream of everyone as a lot of people like to play with the sports cars but in real life it is not possible.

Customize Your Cars Freely by Using Different Skins

In Crash of Cars Mod Apk you can customize your cars freely by using different cars. For example you can change the overall outlook or you can also upgrade the engines so that they can run faster and can work more efficiently. It will be an awesome brilliant form for you so that you can explore using different varieties of cars and will enjoy using modern cars a lot.

Power Up Your Vehicles and Make them Extraordinary

In Crash of Cars Mod Apk you can power up your vehicles and can make them extraordinary. It will be in your hand how much you want to power up your vehicles. You also have to make sure that all your vehicles are properly working because if your cars are not working efficiently then you will get defeated in the race.

Choose From a Variety of Maps

In Crash of Cars Mod Apk you can choose from a variety of maps. There are so many locations in which you can drive your cars. It will be up to you where you want to drive your cars. You can easily go to the different maps and then you can choose a variety of cars from there on every location you will discover different types of scenes and localities.

Lots of Thrilling and Exciting Missions

In Crash of Cars Mod Apk you will enjoy many thrilling and exciting missions in which you have to compete with the external forces and you have to make sure that you complete all the missions in time otherwise you will lose the game. The missions are so interesting that it will be a super engaging task for you to get engaged in these missions.

Challenge the Online Gamers from all Over the World

In Crash of Cars Mod Apk new will enjoy playing with online Gamers from all over the world. There are many people who participate in this game and also do the racing so you will challenge all these online Gamers in order to show them your racing skills. It is your golden chance to become famous for your driving and racing skills when you compete with online Gamers that are so proficient in this game.

Play with Your Friends and Have Much Fun

In Crash of Cars Mod Apk you can play with your friends and have much fun because this is a multiplayer game where you can invite your friends and they will get their own cars and then you can race with them evenly and finely. Then all of you can race by using your own cars that will be of your own choice. So make sure to download this game and start playing with your friends.

Play Online or Offline

In Crash of Cars Mod Apk you can have lots of fun while playing this game in both online and offline versions. In this way you can have a great opportunity that whenever you are getting bored and are not having any internet with you, you can simply use the offline version of this game and make the best use of your time.

Mod Features

Limitless and Abundant Gold

You can enjoy using limitless and abundant gold because the modified version will provide you never ending and never finishing gold so that you can buy more cars and also upgrade them.

Lots of Money for Free

You will get lots of money for absolutely free and you do not need to pay or make efforts in order to get money because the modified version will automatically give you lots of money.


Crash of Cars Mod Apk is a wonderful game in which you can have lots of fun while using a variety of cars and you can also set high scores while competing with your friends or online Gamers. You will have the full opportunity to upgrade your cars in the way you want and it will be a totally exciting and thrilling experience for you.


Q. Is Crash of Cars Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, Crash of Cars Mod Apk is absolutely free to download.

Q. Can I download Crash of Cars Mod Apk on my android tablet?

Yes, you can download Crash of Cars Mod Apk on your android tablet.

What's new

Crash of Cars celebrates it's 7th Birthday anniversary! Check out our new Raptor Ridge map and unlock all the new cars.



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