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MOD APK (Many Feature) vr2.6.0.4a
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MOD APK (Many Feature) vr2.6.0.4a
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Nintendo games have always been well received by many players around the world. Although most of this publisher’s games have pixel graphics that look quite ancient, this has created nostalgia for many players that eye-catching 3D graphics cannot. However, having to play on the unique tool Nintendo Swtich has limited many people’s access to Nintendo games, so sometimes even if they want to, they don’t have the opportunity to play again. However, there is an application called DraStic DS Emulator that can help you emulate all Nintendo games on your Android phone.

About DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is a Nintendo DS emulator application that provides the ability to play Nintendo games on mobile devices running the Android operating system. With flexible simulation capabilities and high realism, DraStic DS Emulator has become one of the most popular tools for playing legendary Nintendo DS games anywhere, anytime.

Play Nintendo games on your phone

No need to go out and buy a Nintendo Switch anymore because DraStic DS Emulator will now turn your phone into a portable Nintendo gaming console. After downloading the application to your device, you will need to download the ROM of the game you want to your device. ROMs are copies of games and you need to download the ROM of the Nintendo DS game you want to play. They are all available on the Internet so just go online and download them. ROMs are usually in .nds or .zip file format. Make sure you only download ROMs from trustworthy sources to avoid copyright infringement.

Save the downloaded ROM to your phone’s internal memory or memory card. Then, open the DraStic DS Emulator app after installation. In DraStic’s interface, navigate to the location where you saved the ROM and select the game you want to play. And now, whether Mario, The Legends of Zelda or Pokémon can be played on your phone.

Development modes

To meet the needs of players, DraStic DS Emulator offers Fast-Forward mode to speed up the game when you want to get through boring sections. On the contrary, Slow-Motion mode helps you enjoy every important moment without losing the quality of the experience. These are two modes developed by DraStic DS Emulator that you will not find on Nintendo Switch. This feature has received very positive feedback from players, both saving time and making it easier to pass levels while playing the game.

Emulate two screens

Dual-screen mode is one of the outstanding features of DraStic DS Emulator to bring you back to the exciting and realistic atmosphere of using the Nintendo DS system. DraStic DS Emulator accurately reproduces the two screens of the Nintendo DS system. You will feel like you are using a real DS, with the bottom screen and top screen interacting with each other.

This feature is not limited to specific games but extends to most games on the Nintendo DS system. You can freely explore different game genres without worrying about compatibility issues.

Graphics and sound

DraStic DS Emulator does a great job of recreating the graphics of Nintendo titles. High-resolution display capability makes images sharper, more detailed and more interesting. You can enjoy the gaming experience without losing the original quality of the game.

Not only graphics, sound in DraStic DS Emulator is also emphasized. With vivid sounds that help increase the gaming atmosphere, making you feel like you are experiencing the original system.

Customize control buttons

On Nintendo gaming consoles, the floating buttons at the bottom of the gaming screen are completely separate from the main screen and help you control easily, but when playing on your phone, you will not have the opportunity to do so. that is unless you have a Bluetooth-connected handheld. Instead, the basic controls will be emulated on the main screen and you will decide where they are placed most suitable.

Usually the 4 movement buttons will be on the left, the X, Y, B, A operation buttons will be on the right. However, you can adjust the size and order of the buttons to fit the screen of the mobile device you are using.

Download DraStic DS Emulator APK free for Android

DraStic DS Emulator is a great companion for those who want to recreate childhood memories through Nintendo games. Great memories will be relived again and you will be the one to enjoy them first hand!

What's new

- Fix for savestates from previous versions not loading properly


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