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Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK is the captivating sequel to the hit Epic Battle Simulator. This battle simulation game enriches the player experience by allowing the creation, customization, and command of armies in legendary combat scenarios.

Designed to provide an authentic battle experience with a strategic focus, Epic Battle Simulator 2 stands out with significant improvements in graphics, realism, troop intelligence and gameplay options.

Players are immersed in a world of unparalleled tactics and strategy, where troop placement and selection are crucial to the outcome of combat. Taking advantage of a variety of units with unique abilities, players have the freedom to experiment with strategies and plan battles with great creativity.

With its advanced physics and ragdoll physics, every battle is vibrant and unique, while improved troop intelligence adds an extra challenge. All this, coupled with the ability to upgrade armies throughout the game, makes Epic Battle Simulator 2 an exciting journey through the art of war.

Features of Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK

Realistic ragdoll physics and physics

The game features physics effects and ragdoll physics, meaning that interactions between troops and the environment are realistically depicted. This adds an extra level of realism and fun to battles.

Advanced placement of armies

You will be able to strategically place your troops on the battlefield, making the most of their abilities and advantages. Proper placement will be crucial to victory in battles.

Improving armies

You can upgrade your armies up to three levels, which means improvements to your troops’ equipment and characteristics. This will allow you to strengthen and customize your army as you progress through the game.

Real-time multiplayer mode

Epic Battle Simulator 2 offers the option to play against the computer, in custom matches or in real-time multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, you can face other players and test your strategic skills in exciting battles.

Improved and polished graphics

The game features improved and detailed graphics, providing a visually stunning experience. Combat becomes more spectacular and exciting thanks to the enhanced graphics.

Smart troops

The troops in the game are smarter, meaning they will act more strategically and realistically during battles. This helps create a more realistic and challenging combat simulation.

Variety of music and sounds

Epic Battle Simulator 2 offers an incredible variety of music and sound effects that complement the action of the game and immerse the player in the atmosphere of battles.

Why Play Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK?

Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK offers an exciting and realistic gaming experience for strategic battle lovers. With its army upgrade system, real-time multiplayer mode, and stunning graphics, the game will keep you entertained and challenged as you carry out epic battles.


Epic Battle Simulator 2 Mod APK is a battle simulation game that combines strategy, realism, and excitement. With its wide range of features, enhanced graphics, and multiplayer gameplay, the game offers a complete and addictive experience.

If you like strategy and epic battles, Epic Battle Simulator 2 is an excellent choice to enjoy exciting virtual combats.

What's new

- Epic Battle performance improved!
- Batte Simulation bugs fixed!


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