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APK v1.0.132 + MOD (MENU, Weak Enemies)
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Jun 21, 2023
Oct 30, 2023
APK v1.0.132 + MOD (MENU, Weak Enemies)
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Dating beautiful AI girls in Girls Friend: Date Sim is hard to compare with dating in real life. But at least, you will have more valuable experiences for your future journey of flirting with girls. If you’re interested, let’s try this interesting game.

About Girls Friend: Date Sim

Dating game combined with fighting and tower defense elements

You’ve heard of dating simulation games, but still feel like they’re lacking some dramatic flavor. It’s time to try your hand at a dating game that combines scripted action elements, like hero summoning, combat, and tower defense. Strange challenges unfold one after another, bringing the reward of a beautiful waifu girl and the opportunity for a romantic date. Now, are you ready to enter the exciting world of dating in Girls Friend: Date Sim?

Additional steps to move forward in the relationship

Playing games, fighting action to unlock new characters or new steps in love is one thing. But maintaining that relationship, making it long-term, making the girl feel like you are always attractive is another matter.

To ensure this “other thing” goes smoothly, you will need to do a number of additional motivating and emotionally warming actions. Make friends with her friends, text and call, meet in person, romantic dates by candlelight… With such approaches, you will understand better about the girl you are pursuing. What relationships does she have, what is her family relationship, what is her personality, her dreams, expectations and even her secret secrets? The more you understand a person, the more your dating possibilities expand.

To get to her heart, the only way is to overcome combat challenges

Just like in real life, if you want to approach a beautiful, contented girl, you have to wholeheartedly put in a lot of effort. It was like a big battle to win the beauty’s heart. Through many efforts, the new relationship gradually grew closer. Then you will not only slowly enter that person’s heart but also understand the secret of love and how to completely conquer her heart.

Based on this idea, the developer of Girls Friend: Date Sim has combined the dating experience with many activities in the form of challenges that players must complete if they want to fall in love with a female character.

Random events continuously take place in the game, leading you to a series of impressive activities such as summoning heroes, fighting towers, playing gacha mini games, summoning goddesses… Even games racing, shooting, fighting zombies or farming are all included in this series of mini games. Guaranteed you will have to spend dozens of hours immersed in Girls Friend: Date Sim.

Each such activity is associated with valuable rewards, opening up countless levels for the relationship between you and that girl. The fantasy battles in Girls Friend: Date Sim are considered strong, lively, and quick, but also require a lot of skills and tactics.

Playing dating games but also enjoying a lot of fighting mini games like this is probably only possible with Girls Friend: Date Sim.

Discover beautiful girls

In Girls Friend: Date Sim, after each completion of a big challenge, you will have the opportunity to do something with a girl you like. Go on a romantic date with that girl and then continue to unlock a new sexy character. Just like that, this “reward” of this beautiful woman will take you on a big tour into the fascinating world of dating.

Which girls will you meet in Girls Friend: Date Sim? With a 2D visual style combined with impressive 3D manga, simple and harmonious colors, and high realism, this game will bring you a series of unforgettable beautiful girls. From female office workers with sexy hourglass figures, to pure, bubbly schoolgirls. On the beach there is no shortage of beautiful girls wearing swimsuits that show off their bold bodies. Each girl has a different look, each person has a story, each conquest is like a different war.

MOD APK version of Girls Friend: Date Sim

MOD features

  • MENU
  • Weak Enemies

Download Girls Friend: Date Sim APK & MOD for Android

Here you can experience the ambiguous sweetness of strange loves and a series of action-packed incidents and countless highly challenging mini-games. Girls Friend: Date Sim is the place for you to show off your talents, skills and dedication to conquer beautiful girls.

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