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v3.0.0 Unlimited Coins
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Download Scribble Rider MOD APK (Unlimited Coins), you can buy characters and items with the money available.

VOODOO is a famous mobile game franchise. They publish many action games with interesting gameplay and entertaining nature. Examples include Knock’em All, Curvy Punch 3D, Super Sniper!, Ball Mayhem! and most recently, Scribble Rider.

Overall, Scribble Rider is an action game that incorporates racing elements. However, the wheels are defective and you will have to draw them in order to reach the finish line. The following article will take a closer look at the gameplay and the features it has.


Scribble Rider’s gameplay is creative, but it also requires players to use a little logic and luck.

The game includes fascinating car races. Your racer cannot start because his car has no wheels. You are the one to supplement those wheels by drawing on an empty area on the screen. Right after that, the wheel that has just been drawn is automatically assembled and the race begins.

The purpose of Scribble Rider is to help your riders finish first. To that end, you will have to use your logic, your creativity, and your drawing abilities. Why is that? Because the track is very complicated. It is a combination of obstacles and environmental factors. Sometimes you will travel on flat tracks, sometimes underwater, sometime you will have to climb ramps and stairs. So, what shape must the wheel be suitable for? If you can answer this question, you have a fifty per cent chance of winning!

Tips for playing better

In fact, there are many wheels that suitable the elements that appear on the track. However, you need to find a wheel with good performance, move fast enough to overtake your opponent and finish one of the first two positions.

However, the game does not give an overview of the road you are about to go through. So you can refer to your opponent’s original wheel shape to come up with a similar design.

Second, you can change the wheel shape while moving. For flat, low-obstacle roads, circular wheels really come in handy. But for tracks with vertical steps or obstacles, you should opt for a line wheel, a semicircle, an ellipse, or an eight shape. They can function well both underwater and when climbing.

Finally, about the size issue. With a wheel with a larger size and circumference, they will move faster. Given the big drawing area that the game offered, try to draw the largest wheel possible.

Buy a new car

Initially, you are provided with a normal motorcycle. But during the experience, you accumulate a bonus, you can change to 6 other models.

These 6 models have a pretty and unique appearance. A vehicle with a frame is designed with a tree trunk, a cow shape, a canoe or a wooden horse. Others are designed with a more modern design with three pots like the car the Ghost Rider character used to use. Or a car from the future, with an information display in front.

Some users rated that the number of vehicles in Scribble Rider was quite small, and the game did not have an upgrade feature. They are just skins, with no change in performance. Hopefully, the developer will add these features in the future to help players have a more enjoyable experience.

What's new

Bug fixes :)


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