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v2.73.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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May 12, 2021
July 11, 2024
v2.73.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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Exciting Update: Dive into the Transformers Universe with our latest integration! Kick things off with Bumblebee in a brand-new story mode. And hold onto your hats because more legends like Optimus Prime are rolling out to join the fray in Mob Control. It’s time for an epic crossover event that’s going to revolutionize your game experience!


The game gives you unexpected situations, will provide you with a number of individuals and you must proceed to call for more individuals from opposing teams. The more individuals you get on your side, the more the outcome will be in your favor. This is also the result of the city’s improvement in position. With more individuals, your team will become stronger, and your opponents will no longer have the strength to knock you out of the city.

  • Experience the Thrill: Players will be provided with a few small individuals by the game, which can also make you worried if you do not expand the number of individuals.
  • Strategic Deployment: Players need to build their own strategy to win as many individuals as possible, the higher the chance of winning.
  • Intriguing Level Elements: The game will go from low level to high level; the higher the level, the more difficulty will increase to challenge the player’s processing ability.


The goal that each player sets in this game is to win the most individuals and become an immortal player. The higher you climb, the more the city is on your side. Now, you can blow away the other towers and gain the power of the winner. Not only that, the game also provides you with many outstanding and modern features. If you encounter difficulties, the game will help you handle them flexibly.

  • Earn Championship Stars: Try to promote the true ability of the leader and come up with skillful handling situations to get victory.
  • Join the Elite: You need to look for weaker opponents and have a low number of individuals to attract individuals to your side.
  • Show your Prowess: Create a battle plan and a long-term plan to handle difficult situations and emerge victorious.


The game will have a series of conflicts, and players need to handle them promptly. Mobilize all shields to repel individuals from your city. Try to protect your teammates, maintain strength, and form a unified body to defeat other opponents. Players can also ask for the game’s help by creating super giant shields to block the attacks of other enemies.

  • Win Shields: Players need to use the shields that the game provides to repel large numbers of opponents out of the city.
  • Secure Your Base: Mobilize a large force of individuals to protect your base, repelling as many other individuals as possible.
  • Maintain Dominance: Use your individual forces to protect a solid tower while also calling on the number of individuals from the opposing team to join your team.


The game offers a variety of different game modes for players to choose from. Diverse and dramatic toy-making is the plus point that the game has, and this is also what makes players excited. Besides, players can also raid the enemy’s tower and call many opponents to join their team. Obtaining the secret message in the opponent’s tower, blending your personality into it, and decoding the secret message will win the final victory.

  • Thrilling Modes: Choose the game mode that suits you; you can play a game to level up quickly or play a private hidden game.
  • Raid and Retribution: Infiltrate and infiltrate enemy defenses to gain upgrades for your own team.
  • Test Your Mettle: Players need to increase their own skills to win. Besides, players need to complete challenges to gain more special skills.


The higher the level, the more players are required to complete challenges to unlock new levels. By unlocking new levels, you will be able to replace heroes, get more costumes, and get more support weapons in the process of conquering the city. Besides, you can also share new ways to play with your teammates to create huge power together.

  • Season Pass: Open new levels, gain unique weapons to strengthen your squad, and gain strength.
  • Unlock New Content: Add new heroes to the war, confront many different enemies, and win the final victory.
  • Shape the Future: Explore a series of new levels and share admin with your new friends, relatives, or family members.

Mob Control MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

What's new

- Fixes rewards not working for some players with base buildings at max level.
- Fixes some boss levels being incorrectly protected by shields.
- Other minor bugfixes.



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