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Nov 8, 2013
Feb 11, 2024
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v14.0.0 + MOD (Unlimited Money)
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Township is where you can create your own modern farming town in your own way. Planting, harvesting crops, developing towns, trading with exotic countries around, opening a variety of modern utility facilities, discovering treasures, finding antiquities, even operating zoos, and having in hand rare animals. Everything the greatest, craziest town building you can think of is possible in this little game.

About Township

Township is a popular city-building and farming simulation game developed and published by Playrix, available on various platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows. The game merges elements of city management, farming, and resource development into an engaging and vibrant gaming experience. Players immerse themselves in creating and managing their town, fostering its growth, and interacting with a community of in-game characters.


Township places players in charge of building and managing a virtual town while integrating farming and economic management. With an emphasis on creativity, strategy, and social interaction, the game presents a dynamic world that evolves as players progress.


  1. City Building: Players start with a small town and gradually expand it by constructing various buildings, businesses, and community facilities. As the town grows, new structures and decorative items become available.
  2. Farming and Agriculture: Players cultivate crops, raise livestock, and run farms to produce resources. These resources are vital for the town’s development and are used in various manufacturing processes.
  3. Resource Management: Managing resources such as coins, cash, and goods is essential for balancing the town’s economy. Players can trade goods with friends or other players to enhance their town’s growth.
  4. Quests and Challenges: The game offers quests and challenges that players can complete to earn rewards, experience points, and special items.
  5. Social Interaction: Players can join co-ops (guilds or communities) to collaborate with other players, trade goods, and compete in cooperative events.
  6. Decorations and Customization: The game offers a range of decorative items and customization options to personalize the town and make it visually appealing.

Key Features

  1. Vibrant Graphics and Design: Township boasts colorful and detailed graphics, providing an aesthetically pleasing environment for players to build and explore.
  2. Engaging Quests and Events: Regularly updated quests and events keep the gameplay fresh, offering challenges and opportunities for rewards.
  3. Community Interaction: The social aspect of the game encourages player interaction, fostering collaboration, trading, and competition within the co-op system.
  4. Economic Management: Balancing the town’s economy, managing resources, and planning expansions are key elements for town growth and success.
  5. Constant Development: Playrix consistently updates the game, adding new features, events, and expansions, ensuring an evolving and engaging experience for players.

User Experience

Township offers an engaging and immersive user experience:

  1. Ease of Use: The game has a user-friendly interface that allows players to navigate various aspects of town management easily.
  2. Community Engagement: The ability to join co-ops and interact with other players creates a sense of community and fosters social engagement.
  3. Varied Gameplay: The game offers a mix of farming, city-building, and management elements, providing diverse activities for players to enjoy.

Impact and Significance

  1. Popularity: Township has gained a significant following due to its engaging gameplay and interactive social elements, attracting a wide player base.
  2. Community Building: The game’s emphasis on co-op play and social interaction has led to the formation of active player communities, promoting collaboration and friendship among players.
  3. Innovation in Simulation Games: Township’s fusion of city-building, farming, and resource management sets it apart in the simulation gaming genre, offering a unique and dynamic experience.


Township offers players an immersive experience in town-building, farming, and resource management. With its vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, social interaction, and constant updates, the game continues to captivate players, fostering a sense of community and creativity within its virtual world. Township’s blend of various simulation game elements and its focus on community interaction solidify its position as a popular and enduring gaming title.

MOD APK version of Township

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money


Money increase when you spend.

Download Township APK & MOD for Android

It is possible to do everything as desired in this fantasy town world. Township has broken all barriers, the usual limit of a typical farming game. You will have the whole town in your hand and are free to build and develop it according to your own will.

What's new

Legends of Greece
* A new expedition event! Travel to Greece to look for a legendary artifact!
New Merge Events
* A retro-themed merge event! Throw an unforgettable party!
* Help Sarnai get ready for an arts and crafts fair!
Season Adventures
* Celebrate Lunar New Year and St. Patrick's Day with Township! Spruce up your towns with thematic objects!
* A new building: Travel Agency!
* 9 Lunar New Year decorations!
* 9 Valentine's Day decorations!
* 2 new town expansions.



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