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7.1.1 Unlimited Stars 2024
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Sep 19, 2017
May 23, 2024
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7.1.1 Unlimited Stars 2024
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The casual plays are very interesting and lots of people love to play these games as they are so simple and classical.

In Homescapes Mod Apk all the levels are made interesting so whenever you will unlock a new level you will find more motivation and energy in yourself to play the game and continue it more and more. You have to perform the task that is given and after that the puzzle will be completed so later on you will be feeding your cat and also make sure that it is sleeping well in your apartment. You will enjoy this fun filled game and have a great chance to play with friends.

Homescapes Mod Apk becomes very inconvenient when you get stuck in levels so here you will be enjoying free hints that will be given to you so that you can complete your levels quickly and progress further in the game.

What is Homescapes Apk?

In Homescapes Apk it is the basic challenge of the game that you have to decorate your apartment in the most unique way. You will be picking up the materials and applying on the walls and floors so that the apartment may look a better creation of you and your friends. This game is designed in a very cute way and you will find that it is decorated so pleasantly that it will please your eyes and you will definitely love to play this game.

What is Homescapes Mod Apk?

Homescapes Mod Apk will provide you unlimited stars and hints that you will be using in the game and making your game play much more exciting and interesting.

Can I decorate an apartment in Homescapes Mod Apk?

You can start designing and decorating your apartment.

Is Homescapes Mod Apk good to play with friends?

Yes, with your friends you will observe greater creativity and more fun.

Is Homescapes Mod Apk an offline game?

No, Homescapes Mod Apk is not an offline game.


Start Designing and Decorating Your Apartment

You will get lots of designing and decorating material that you can add to your apartment and make it look so stunning and impressive. You will creatively pick all the designing and decorating materials and then you will be making good use of them for making your apartment look so aesthetic and beautiful.

Have Fun in Playing with Friends

You will have lots of fun playing with your friends because it is a multiplayer game and you can invite your friends so that they can also help you out in decorating your apartment. You can enjoy making your apartment collectively beautiful.

Solve the Tricky Puzzles and Win Levels in Game

You will be solving the tricky puzzles and in this way you can win lots of levels in the game. There are so many puzzles that you have to solve and if you do not solve the puzzles you cannot progress further in the game. So it is essential that you complete your levels.

Help Your Cat by Solving Match Three Puzzles

There will also be a cat which you will be keeping and you have to take care of it. You will see that there are three puzzles in the game where you have to match 3 candies and in this way you will be able to complete the puzzle. The cat will be your friend who will be accompanying you.

Take Hints When Stuck

You can take lots of hints when you are stuck because you will be able to enjoy the game in a much better way. You will get the hints timely so that you never get stuck in a level.

Online Game with Mesmerizing Graphics

This game can only be played online and when you are playing in the multiplayer more than it is even more necessary that you are connected to an internet connection because then your friends will be connecting you. You will be enjoying the mesmerizing graphics.

Mod Features

Unlimited Stars for Free

You can get the unlimited Stars for free and then you can use the stars for better accessories in the game.

Get Free Unlimited Hints

You can get free unlimited hints in this game and then you can play the levels very smoothly by utilising the hints.


Homescapes Mod Apk is a casual and cute game which is designed basically for the people who do not like to play action games and find simple game plays more interesting. So here you will be getting an apartment which you have to decorate and design in your own way and to join you will also find your friends available in the game.


Q. Is Homescapes Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, Homescapes Mod Apk is absolutely free to download.

Q. Can I download Homescapes Mod Apk on my android smartphone?

Yes, feel free to download Homescapes Mod Apk on your android smartphone.

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