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Melon VPN is a tool that will allow you to get a virtual network that will allow you to unblock all the websites and apps that are not available in your region. This app has customisable permissions which means that you can differentiate your apps according to the white list. The white list apps will not use the VPN connection and will work normally. In this way, you can have a better internet connection that will allow you to get a fast speed connection.

This app will protect your personal data and no webpage or website will be able to have access to your personal information. You can use this app even on your hotspot connection. You can also use this app to remove the internet barrier from the connections in Educational Institutions.

Get Melon VPN APK Now!

There are a lot of VPN apps available in the market but they can be a trap to extract your personal information. Melon VPN is a verified source to provide you with a good VPN connection that will allow you access to all the blocked content in your area. You can easily remove barriers from the internet connection in different Educational Institutes as well.

Features of Melon VPN

Quick Connect

Melon VPN is an app that features the quick connect button which means that you just need to tap on the connect button and your connection will be established within a second without any wait.

Remove Internet Barriers

This app is very beneficial if you want to remove internet barriers from the internet connections that are provided in different companies and Educational Institutes. These Internet connections are only available to perform a certain task and you cannot access any other website with these connections. But if you use Melon VPN, then you can remove these barriers.

Add apps to White list

If you do not want to use any app while you have the fake IP address then you can add them in the white list. The apps that are added in the white list will not be able to use the VPN connection.

High speed download

You can use the melon VPN app to download your favourite movies on your device. As it provides you with a high download speed, you will not have to wait for hours to get your movie.

Unlimited Connection

This app provides unlimited VPN connection. In other VPN apps, there is a limit of the connection that you receive. But if you download Melon VPN then you will not have to face such restrictions.

Get Details

After disconnecting the VPN connection, melon VPN will provide you with the details of the data that you have used while using this connection and will also let you know about the time that you have spent on this app.

No data collection

Melon VPN is a tool that will not collect your data which means that your personal information is safe with this app and there will be no data leakage while using this connection.

Smooth Connection

Normally the VPN connections create a lot of glitches and lags while using them. But there are no such issues in the Melon VPN app. You will get a smooth connection while using this app.

Unlocked Servers

If you want to have access to all the premium servers of this app then you can download Melon VPN Pro APK.

No ads

In the regular version, you will get disturbed by the unwanted ads. To remove these ads, you can get the pro version of Melon VPN.

Why do people like Melon VPN Pro APK?

People are focused on the pro version of Melon VPN because they get access to all the premium servers in this version. It provides them with great internet speed and data protection. People also like this version because it provides them with a smoother interface that is free from lags.

Download Melon VPN Pro APK Latest Version 2024

If you get the pro version of Melon VPN then you can easily watch your favourite movies online because it provides great internet speed. But these privileges are only available to the pro members of this app.

Melon VPN APK 2024 Download

A lot of new features and updates have been added to this app and to get them, you can download Melon VPN APK 2024.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of geo restrictions in different countries, but the Melon VPN is an app that allows you to get rid of these restrictions so that you can watch your favourite movies and series. To get the pro features of this app, you can download Melon VPN pro APK.


Q. What do the white list apps do in Melon VPN APK?

The white list apps do not use the VPN connection to work.

Q. Can I play games while using Melon VPN APK?

Yes, you can play games while using Melon VPN APK.


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