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MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, Unlocked) 1.8.2
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Jun 9, 2024
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MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, Unlocked) 1.8.2
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If you like war games in a World War setting, you will definitely enjoy this cannon shooting game. Play artillery simulator game, try to shoot from a USSR cannon and survive vicious tank battles. Fire at troops, tanks, bunkers, and even cars! Destroy enemy tanks with cannons to defend your position. Expose them all!

Amazing graphics, exciting gameplay, lots of historic weapons and armor will give you the ability to plunge into the world of WWII-era.

Introduce MOD APK World of Artillery: Cannon

Hunt down enemies approaching your army base. Bloody wars and allied armies always require a potent weapon. World of Artillery: Cannon is a game that simulates the battles of artillery combat firing. The players are impersonated a talented artillery driver to rush into battle. Control and observe the opponent in all mutant situations on the game’s battlefield. Take part in fierce and bloody field battles in the war. Maintain the advantage for the allies by defeating as many enemies as possible and bringing the glory of victory in the fight to save the homeland. World of Artillery: Cannon offers incredibly realistic war battles through massive damage-releasing artillery battles.

Download World of Artillery: Cannon mod – Artillery Gunner

Please comply with the duties of the generals set out for the combat players themselves, as an artillery gunner dealing damage from long range and extensive range in the arena. Actual attack and defense is the best combination possible to avoid the opponent being able to approach and attack the hiding tower of the army of the game players. Keep yourself playing the game safe with as much HP as possible. Consider yourself a different and best artillery gunner in this game world. World of Artillery: Cannon is a great experience when it allows players to play the role of a gunner using the most potent artillery vehicles to rush to the front lines to fight and destroy all enemies. . Make enemies terrify the player’s attack ability.

Artillery gunner
Play as a gunner using artillery vehicles to battle and unleash cannonballs on a fierce and bloody battlefield in this exciting and engaging World of Artillery: Cannon game. Go far on the most violent battleground with your artillery squad. Find out how to aim accurately to be able to destroy the enemies—causing the enemy’s army to fear when in danger of being annihilated in the arena. Under the sights and shoots of the game players themselves, the enemy was defeated. Understand the fate of the artillery gunner character that the game players play. In this World of Artillery: Cannon game, the players are challenged to shoot themselves. Master and train skills to become the best artillery gunner.

Adhere to strategies

The strategies and battle positions on the battlefield were laid out in the mission, and mapped out intelligent plans in the players’ mind maps. Become one with other allied armies in this challenging game. Plunge into the battlefield with the most favorable position to aim and shoot accurately. World of Artillery: Cannon to improve tactics and strategy has been researched and proposed. Releases projectiles that deal damage to enemy troops in front of the battle. Do not forget an enemy because the mission has been set to destroy the enemies. Occupy important strongholds as battle bases in critical arenas. Fight around the main body of the allied army of the player protagonist.

Defend your ally

Allied army tanks are gradually approaching the enemy army headquarters. Destroy by aiming directly, dealing terrible damage to the enemy. World of Artillery: Cannon always requires teamwork in battles in bloody wars. Defending allied troops must be safe to advance toward the enemy’s legion.

The game is made from the unique graphics of war and fleet battles. The gameplay of fighting and fighting is exciting, and the bloody battles are full of hard work. Use the most powerful weapons and vehicles of the world war. History will be brought from the armies of different countries in this world. The game promises to get players to immerse themselves in the battles of World War 2. Download World of Artillery: Cannon mod controls artillery to aim and shoot accurately to destroy all enemies threatening the base.

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