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v1.4 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]
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Dec 23, 2019
Jan 25, 2024
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v1.4 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Unlocked]
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There are many people who love cropping, planting and love to do many other tasks related to this. As we know that every single game is present on the internet to play, such games are also available. Games are developed according to the popularity and interest of the people. So game developers have also developed such games that involve farming, cropping, planting and making different things. You can simply say that such games involve farming and you work as a hardworking farmer. Among such games, Farming Pro 3 is the most common and popular option for the players. This is not free to download from Google Play Store. This is one of the paid games available on Play Store. This has a good rating of 4.2.

In Farming Pro 3, you work as a farmer to deal with different things and activities. You have to do farming to make a good and beneficial farm. You do cropping and planting of different Crops. Moreover, there are also many tasks to do in this game such as riding and using different kinds of vehicles, cropping different crops of rice, wheat and others. So this game provides you a complete platform to work as a farmer and show your valuable skills. You make a farm including different crops, animals, etc. So download this game now to have fun and exciting features to enjoy. This game is paid but you can download it from Google APK for free. Moreover, there is a mod version too. You can also download it from Google APK easily and free of cost.

What is Farming Pro 3 APK?

As the name suggests, Farming Pro 3 APK is a game which involves a farm. You act and play as a farmer who has to manage different types of machinery and equipment to build the farm. You have to crop different plants, crops, and manage different animals to stay in the farm. You have to manage every activity with complete focus and hard work. This game also provides you with many different types of machinery, equipment, tools, seeds, rewards and many other things. So download it now to have ultimate fun of managing a farm.

What is Farming Pro 3 Mod APK?

If you want to enjoy different unlocked features of farming Pro 3 APK then download its mod version from Google APK. This mod version provides you with Unlimited features and Unlocked Machinery. You can use all types of vehicles and tools free of cost in this version. Moreover you have a variety of different crops to plant, different vehicles, machinery, tools and many other things. These are totally free of cost and Unlocked. Now there is no need to complete the missions first. So download the mod version and have double fun farming.

Fun to Play

This game is totally fun to play. There are different tasks and activities to perform. You have different vehicles, tasks and missions to manage. You have a complete farm to do different things. This game is a complete fun for those who want to play a game as a farmer to manage a farm.

Easy to Play

This game is easy to play. There are easy controls. You have to select options according to the task. You can select any type of vehicle or tool easily. There are no hard and fast mechanisms.

Different Vehicles

In this game, you manage different vehicles to perform different tasks. There are trolleys, baldozers, pickups, farming machines and many more. There are different tasks to do like cutting and planting, cutting huge trees,etc. So for every activity whether it is hard or easy, you have to choose the machinery or tools accordingly.

Different Crops and Seeds

You get a different variety of crops and seeds to sow and grow different crops. You get rice, wheat,corn and many more basic crops to grow. You sow the seeds in a rite place and take care of them to grow good crops.

Different Animals

While performing your task, as a farmer, you must have to consider different farm animals like cows, goats etc. You manage the farm in such a way that the animals don’t get harmed. Manage it in such a way that they also get complete care and home.

Camera Views of Vehicles

You can adjust different camera views of your vehicles. You can adjust it in steering mode or any other helicopter mode. This makes it easy and comfortable to play this game.

Unlimited Rewards

After completing tasks and missions, you get different types of rewards such as coins, gems, different Vehicles, machines, tools, etc. You can also get many different things with these coins and gems.


You can also hire different assistants to work with you on your farm. In this way, you can work within time and also much work will be done and in return you will get double benefit.

Multiplayer Mode with Friends

If you want to increase the fun of this game, you can play with your friends. This game provides a multiplayer mode to play with your friends and grow your farm.

Unlimited Coins and Gems

In this version, you get access to unlimited coins and gems. With these coins, you can buy almost everything or any feature of this game. You can then use them in your game for different activities.

Unlocked Vehicles and Machinery

To work effectively in your farm, this version provides you with different Vehicles and Machinery totally free of cost. Now you don’t have to wait to get them or you don’t have to spend your money on them. Use different valuable vehicles even in the starting of this game and make your farm a complete and beneficial farm of the century.

Different Variety of Seeds and Crops

In this version, you get a different range of seeds that you can sow to grow different crops. After growing, you can trade with these crops and earn benefits.

No Ads

There are no ads in this mod version. Thus you can complete your tasks without getting disturbed and irritated. You can now focus on the game with full attention. This is an ads free version.

No Risk

There is no risk of using this version. Use all the Unlimited and Unlocked features free of cost and free of risk.


To play in a perfect farm view and work as a hard worker farmer with powerful machines and vehicles, download Farming Pro 3 APK. This game provides you with perfect gameplay if you are a farm games lover. Get unlimited access to different features with its mod version. So download this game now to have a perfect time killing option and for fun and enjoyment.



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