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MOD APK (Infinite Mana) v2.2.11.204
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May 15, 2015
Jun 13, 2024
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MOD APK (Infinite Mana) v2.2.11.204
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Embark on an odyssey of power and strategy in Rival Kingdoms, where the conquest of kingdoms and the battle for supremacy are intertwined, so we are ready to Download Rival Kingdoms MOD APK (Infinite Mana) Updated for Android 2024 , I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.

About Rival Kingdoms MOD APK

Rival Kingdoms is a real-time strategy game that invites you to enter a mystical world full of legendary heroes and ancient gods. The MOD version of Rival Kingdoms adds an interesting twist to the original game, offering infinite mana, allowing players to unleash powerful spells without worrying about the limited resource .

This game not only focuses on building and expanding your kingdom, but also forming alliances and fighting enemies in epic battles. The addition of infinite mana opens up a new level of strategy, allowing you to use special abilities more frequently and decisively on the battlefield.

What is Rival Kingdoms MOD APK for Android?

Rival Kingdoms MOD APK is a modified (Hacked) version of the original game “Rival Kingdoms: Ruin Nation” that has been adjusted to offer infinite mana to players . This modification provides a significant advantage, as mana is used to cast spells and special abilities in battles.

When playing on Android devices, this MOD APK version enhances the gaming experience by removing the mana restriction, allowing players to focus on strategy and kingdom building without the usual limitations. It’s ideal for those looking to explore all the possibilities Rival Kingdoms has to offer without the barriers of standard gameplay.

Features of Rival Kingdoms MOD APK

infinite mana

With infinite mana, players have the freedom to cast powerful spells without limitations, radically changing the dynamics of battles. This feature ensures that you can implement more complex and bold strategies against your adversaries.

Wide range of heroes

The game offers an extensive collection of heroes, each with unique abilities. This diversity allows players to form balanced and specialized teams to face any challenge that arises.

Strategic gameplay

Rival Kingdoms stands out for its deep strategic component, encouraging players to carefully plan the construction of their kingdoms and the formation of their armies to ensure victory in battles.

Stunning graphics

Rival Kingdoms‘ graphics are of high quality, offering a vibrant world full of detail. Battle animations and special effects add a layer of immersion and spectacularity to the game.

Cooperative and competitive game

In addition to individual campaigns, the game promotes cooperation between players through alliances, as well as competition in PvP modes, where you can face other players in real time.


In short, Rival Kingdoms MOD APK (Infinite Mana) transforms the gaming experience, offering unprecedented freedom to unleash the power of your heroes and strategies without the limitations of mana. With its stunning graphics, a wide range of heroes, and strategic depth, this game promises hours of entertainment to fans of strategy games. Download the MOD version today and immerse yourself in the epic world of Rival Kingdoms.

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