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Sep 15, 2023
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v1.5.4 Download VIP Subscription Unlocked
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If you are a comic lover then you must be finding it difficult to get the comics in such a modern world. You can now even watch anime movies on different channels that are available but if you are not satisfied with the content that they provide then you can download the app called Toomics. Toomics is an app that will provide you with all the different kinds of comics that you want. There are different categories available on this app and you can choose any of your favourites to watch.

You can have horror Anime movies, criminal movies and so many others on this one application and there is also a filter available in this app that will provide you with the content that is related to a certain age group. This app also regularly updates new content and you can easily access it if you have the VIP version of this app. If you like comics then you will definitely like this App.

What is the Toomics app?

Toomics is an online platform for those people who love to watch anime movies. There are so many comics available on this app and you can find the best anime on this only app. There are different genres available on this app and you can search for any anime movie belonging to your favourite genre. You can even create a playlist of your favourite movies so that you can watch them whenever you want.

What is the Toomics MOD APK?

It is the modified version of the Toomics app. In this version you can get access to the premium version for free. If you are a premium user of toomics then you can have access to all the new episodes of your favourite series at the time of the release but if you are a regular user than you need to wait to watch the new episode. the6 premium version surely cost you money and if you are not willing to pay the money then you can go for Toomics Mod APK.

How to cancel the subscription for Toomics app?

To cancel your subscription you can either go to the google play store and look for the Toomics app. There you will get the option to remove the subscription, click on it to stop the auto subscription and you can also go to your online banking app and cancel the subscription of Toomics from there.

How to watch anime on Toomics app?

If you want to explore the different anime movies that are available on the Toomics app then you can open the app and click on the categories. There you will get all the different genres that are available on this app, click on your favourite genre and all the movies related to that genre will appear on your screen. You will also be able to see the ratings of different movies to choose the best among them.

Features of the Toomics app

User friendly interface

This app is very easy to use. All the different genres are available on it and you can click on any of your favourite genres to get the Anime movies.

Watch Anime movies

Every different genre of anime movies are available on this app and you can easily access them.

Explore all the different categories

There are all the different categories available on this app. You can watch anime movies and can even read the Comics on this app.

Subtitles available

If you are not able to understand the language of any anime movie then you can turn on the subtitles in any of your preferred languages.

Filters for age groups

There are also filters available for different age groups. For example if you apply the filter for childrens then all the comics that are suitable for children will appear on your screen and they will not have access to any other movies.

Features of the Toomics MOD APK

Unlocked VIP version

To get the free VIP version of Toomics app you can download Toomics Mod APK.

No need of Subscription

You do not need to subscribe for the VIP version if you download the modified version of Toomics.

No interruptions

No interruptions will occur while watching your favourite anime movie on the Toomics Mod APK.


If you are a fan of any movies then Toomics will definitely become your favourite as you can watch any different kind of anime movie and Comics on this app. This app also regularly updates the new episodes of different anime series. To use this app for free you can download Toomics Mod APK.


Q. How do you get the VIP version of Toomics?

To get the VIP version of Toomics you need to pay $5.99.

Q. Can I download Anime from the Toomics app?

You can download the anime movies from the Toomics app but cannot share them.


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