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YouTube Premium is the most popular online video-sharing and social media platform today. You can find all content and topics on YouTube and easily find a community with similar tastes and interests as you.

About YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view videos on a wide range of topics

Video is the trend of the times

Video is the trend of the times. Busy people have less time to read the news and skim through complex content. People tend to watch videos instead. Video has the advantage of expressing all emotions, shrinking lengthy descriptions into concise frames, with sound and animation, and text if desired.

Art products, movies, and TV shows can also be advertising videos, and PR products can also be made in the form of videos.

And to serve that real and growing need, YouTube was born and thrived after only a short time. We can now use YouTube through the application on many different platforms. In which, mobile is the most convenient and flexible device.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the most used app today. You can watch all the trending content in the world such as music videos, movies, TV shows. And all videos on all different topics, include games, fashion, beauty, news, sports, school, kids program… Almost any topic and any content that you want to watch is all had on YouTube.

Watch new content on YouTube

In the world, it is impossible to count how many people are watching and updating new content on YouTube every second, minute, and hour. Just know that if you open YouTube on your mobile, there’s bound to be something new to watch. Not just the topic you are interested in and on all topics. There’s never enough to watch on YouTube, it’s just how much time you have.

Subscribe to your favorite channels

Everyone has a favorite music group, a real singer, a favorite movie, a favorite director, an idol streamer… Whoever you are a fan of, as long as they have a YouTube channel, you can completely Subscribe to them. Every time there is a new video in the channels that have clicked the subscribe button, YouTube will display itself on the homepage and also in the form of notification (if you enable this feature in Settings). You don’t miss any videos and make sure to always have the most up-to-date information from your favorite channels.


The Entertainment category on YouTube includes videos related to music, movies, TV shows, and gaming. Users can watch trailers, music videos, live performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content. Additionally, YouTube has a live streaming feature that allows users to watch concerts, festivals, and other events in real-time.


YouTube has become a popular platform for educational content. Users can find videos on topics ranging from science, math, history, and language learning, to DIY projects, cooking, and art. Many educational channels feature experts in their fields who provide detailed explanations and tutorials.

News and Current Events

YouTube is a source of news and current events for many people around the world. News channels on YouTube provide breaking news, interviews with experts, and in-depth reporting on events happening in different parts of the world. Many news organizations also use YouTube to upload their television broadcasts and documentaries.


The Sports category on YouTube includes videos related to all kinds of sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball, and tennis. Users can watch highlights, interviews with athletes, and documentaries about sports teams and events.


Comedy is one of the most popular categories on YouTube. Users can watch stand-up comedy shows, skits, parodies, and humorous vlogs. Many comedians have found success on YouTube, and the platform has launched the careers of several new comedians.


The Lifestyle category on YouTube includes videos related to fashion, beauty, travel, and fitness. Users can watch makeup tutorials, fashion shows, travel vlogs, and workout videos. Many lifestyle channels feature influencers who share their daily routines and tips with their audience.

Science and Technology

The Science and Technology category on YouTube includes videos related to science, engineering, and technology. Users can watch tutorials on coding, reviews of gadgets and devices, and explanations of scientific concepts. Many technology companies also use YouTube to showcase their products and services.


Gaming is a popular category on YouTube, with millions of users watching videos related to video games and gaming culture. Users can watch game walkthroughs, live streams of games, reviews of new games, and discussions about gaming news and trends.

Food and Cooking

The Food and Cooking category on YouTube includes videos related to cooking and baking. Users can watch tutorials on preparing different types of dishes, baking desserts, and creating new recipes. Many food channels feature chefs and home cooks who share their expertise and cooking tips with their audience.

Travel and Adventure

The Travel and Adventure category on YouTube includes videos related to travel, adventure, and exploration. Users can watch vlogs of people traveling to different parts of the world, documentaries about exotic locations, and videos about extreme sports and outdoor activities.

Overall, YouTube offers a vast range of content across a wide range of categories, making it a versatile platform for users to explore and discover new content.

MOD APK version of YouTube

MOD features

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Play In Background
  • No Ads

How to install YouTube Premium MOD APK?

  1. Download the APK file and install it on your phone.
  2. Open the app and follow the instructions to complete the YouTube Premium installation.

The Premium Unlocked version of the app provides users with additional features, such as ad-free watching, offline playback, and background playback. Users can download videos to watch them offline, without an internet connection. The Premium version also allows users to play videos in the background while using other apps.



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